August has been kind of rough so far. My Bipolar is back (seems like that shit is definitely cyclical/seasonal– this time last year is when I had to originally start taking a mood stabilizer for the first time) and I stopped working at my side gig at the flower shop. I’ve been overwhelmed with people’s lack of organization and communication skills while simultaneously having to be more of an adult than I’ve ever had to be in my entire life. I still don’t have anything to complain about. My life is great. But it’s just a little bit of a personal rough spot I’m working through. And then on top of that we have the all encompassing national tragedy that is every present racism and discrimination that we can no longer ignore and sickens me to my core. Lots of shit. I have to work on my coping skills for Bipolar and anxiety, I have to advocate as an ally for people of color, and I have to keep searching for the good in life even when it feels like everything is going to hell.

Photos from last week:

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[Extra Sparkle] * Ordering a bunch of press on nails for Ahleah to do manicures on me for the rest of the year * Going shopping all day with my dad * Seeing Bug adapt to the new furniture arrangements at my dad’s * Driving around searching for colorful mailboxes (way harder than it seems, where are youuuu?!) * Joe calling me every day to make sure I wake up at a reasonable hour because depression makes my body sleep an absurd amount of hours * Him waking me up with pancakes on the weekend * Finding a giant bouncy ball covered in sparkly blue mermaid fabric * Finding an amazing parking spot, unexpectedly, late at night * Rainbow tote bags * Foam board being $1 at Dollar Tree instead of $5 at the craft store * Halloween creeping its way into the stores and making my photoshoot lists for October time! * Planning to go to 29 Rooms in New York on Joe’s and my anniversary weekend * The way I describe the things I need to the people who work at Home Depot/Lowes * Dennis Leary coming on Netflix and Joe knowing every word, too * Parking my car and seeing two girls in pink dresses, holding hands, twirling in a sun beam as folk music played in the background

Things to check out online:

Video this week is NSFW and very specific taste related to menstruation empowerment/humor. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

What’s on your happiness list this week?
Sending you lots of love and glitter!