You know that commercial where the camel walks around the office wishing every a “Happy Hump Day”? It may be cheesy, but I can promise you that I would do the exact same thing if I was a camel. Unfortunately, I’m not a camel, so me saying it is less cool. The good news is that today isn’t just Wednesday, it’s also Crackers Over The Keyboard Day. There’s no lifeguard on duty, so celebrate at your own risk. And don’t sell me laptop cleaning bills.

+ posting for the first time on WordPress
+ audio from Perks Of Being A Wallflower
+ cutting out inspirational images for my business plan
+ a video of this cat getting caught

+ seeing Chantilly perform in Ellicott City and getting to meet her
+ watching Duck Dynasty for the first time
+ reserving my spot for the Correspondence Salon
+ an adorable seal pup

+ flowers blooming over gold fences
+  having dinner with Sam and catching up
+ buying two new dresses (and a bunch of goodies) at Target
+ deciding on themed days in terms of scheduling

+ watching Girls and Workaholics on DVD
+ Gala Darling tweeting that she loves me
+ taking Nick and Sara to meet Jenn and Heather for a bachelorette party
+ celebrating one month of self-employment

+ the lanterns hanging on Eastern Avenue
+ cheap drink specials
+ compliments on sequins
+ exploring streets of Baltimore I hadn’t been down yet

+ dinosaur chicken nuggets
+ experiencing an “after hours” club for the first time
+ breaking in my new yellow notebook
+ Eric Matthews

+ finally stopping to take a picture of this gorgeous building
+ sending out a bunch of mail
+ my neighbor giving me some free baskets and ribbon
+ cool finds at the thrift store

+ Bug demanding that I eat a fruit cup
+ plans for the beach
+ writing a list of women who inspire me
+ a driving detour sans shoes, plus the cold wind
+ Eve 6
+ this article
+ responses to my Questions Of The Day
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That’s what’s been making me happy this week. What about you?

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