Weekly Happiness | Uncustomary

Happy April, babes! Bring it on! I’m scheduling all the fun things this month to make up for the terribleness of last month. Look out April, I’m coming for you.

Here’s some pictures from this week:

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[Extra Sparkle] * People in matching outfits * Squatty Potty * Alarm that says out loud what time it is when it goes off * A “SNOWSUX” license plate * Touching different fabrics * Telling the monotone movie guy that I love his laugh when he didn’t get my joke * Seeing “Logan” with Joe * Ordering the fancy Period Underwear and all the puns on their website * Finding yarn that looks kind of like a prism * Slowing down just before you pass a cop who is running radar * Finding an “On Air” sign at Michaels and turning it on during regular conversations and reminding my friends that this conversation IS on air * Going on fake commercial breaks during those same conversations * Also a GIANT drinking cup at Michaels (they are killing it right now, go shopping) * Watching “Adventure Time” with Laura * Pineapple fried rice * The feeling of whole-heartedly agreeing with someone on an issue * Being able to help friends out with questions about medications * Seeing the Uncustomary Babes group thrive even when I’m MIA * Seeing the biggest cuddle puddle (correction: cuddle ocean) ever * Thursday dinner at Michelle’s house & Stu’s curry

What’s on your happiness list this week?