I’m glad to be doing my first happiness list after my birthday. This weekend was wonderful, and I feel emotionally stronger and ready for things to come. I’ve got big changes planned and I feel confident and excited.
+ awesome art at my work’s art show
+ meeting new people at bars on my birthday eve
+ seeing the Magic Gardens again (even if it was just from the outside)
+ Bug choosing me
+ the Sunny cast on the walls of Mac’s Tavern
+ how loopy oxy pills (for tooth pain) made me feel — tassle bangs!

+ this poster that miraculously appeared overnight

+ beautiful paper flowers
+ the color I’ve added to my classroom
+ presents from Janice
+ Bug searching for happy thoughts
+ twinkle lights
+ confetti on my hands, celebrating my boss’ graduation
+ being able to eat solid foods again
+ yellow and glitter manicure
+ turning 25
+ Bug licking the entire surface area of my hand as a present
+ presents, balloon, and a cake from my dad
+ Michelle video taping herself singing to “The Middle” while she was driving, and changing the lyrics to “Mary girl…” 

+ listening to “A Praise Chorus” on the drive to Philly
+ lots of Happy Birthday texts and Facebook messages (thanks you guys!)
+ the wonderfulness of South Street
+ Lickety Splits for lunch
+ Eye’s Gallery
+ our catch phrase of “Put it on Facebook!” after the street performer got mad at me for taking his picture
+ singing “Ironic” loudly in an alley while I sat on the ground in my birthday dress
+ cheese steak egg rolls and sweet potato wedges with cream cheese
+ taking a bath instead of napping
+ calling Ric Flair an asshole for being one, and then realizing how famous he is
+ the bar having outlets under each counter top seat
+ the drunk cab ride to Moshulu
+ dancing to 90’s music all night long
+ getting glow sticks from a guy with a fanny pack
+ introducing myself to everyone I met
+ seeing Jill
+ pirate leggings
+ Charlotte learning how to take videos
+ Charlotte DJing on the way home
+ Jenn taking care of the toll money organization
+ stopping at a nice WaWa
+ being on the Yarnbombing Map
+ crab dip at Waterman’s
+ starting to tackle my massive incoming snail mail pile
+ long naps
+ officially deciding to quit my job and pursue my dreams
+ dad being really supportive
+ posting more things on Etsy
+ changing my URL
+ the beginning of Spirit Week at work
+ watching a few more episodes of the new Arrested Development
+ the self love bible Gala posted
+ old episodes of The Office
+ AC Moore e-mailing me while I was in AC Moore
+ buying a bunch of light bulb shaped jars with my gift card
+ a man taking my picture while I was taking another picture
+ Shaq being everywhere
+ 1:46-2:15 of this video