This time next week we’ll be turning our calendars over to February already! How has January been treating you? It’s been a pretty busy month for me. I definitely wanted to hit the ground running in 2017, and I feel like I was able to do that. This last week is more about preparing for February, and it feels good to be a little bit more relaxed and less rushed.

What are you planning for February? Anything exciting? I’ve got an aura photography party planned, the Stuffed Animal Sleepover, photoshoots, and a free e-course coming your way. Plus plenty more content and projects for you to enjoy! Requests and input are always welcome!

Before I get into the normal stuff for the happiness post, I want to share something amazing that happened to me that made me lose control over my body and start falling backwards… I MET ILANA GLAZER. She was at the march, and it was only happenstance that I ran into her because we had to wait for Leigh’s brother. I can’t believe it happened, and I can’t believe I was so excited that I didn’t think to show her that I was her for Halloween with Ashley. We recreated Broad City’s “Eight Fucking Thousand Dollars” video from season one (see below).

Weekly Happiness | Uncustomary

Weekly Happiness | Uncustomary

Here are some pictures other from my week!

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[Extra Sparkle] * Delivering the celebrity cut-outs back to their owners with goodie bags * Recording podcasts * Watching Season 11 of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia * Making protest signs on my bedroom floor * Listening to Against Me! on my drive to and from the Women’s March in DC * Foam rainbow hearts all over my floor * Maura making us snack bags * Watching videos of real situations with 2-year-olds as acted out by grown men at Emily’s birthday party * Excessive amounts of cheap pink wine * Watching New Girl on the couch with Maura * The party section at Home Goods * Getting my Can’t Clutch This clutch from Studio DIY * Finding out that Alanis Morisette covered “My Humps” (see below)

What’s on your happiness list this week?