Hey! How’s life? We’re almost out of days in June. Since I last wrote a happiness post I turned 28! I’ve extended my birthday sale on my self love e-course and my self worth workshop till the end of the month (tomorrow!) and you can get 28% off each one. Get that discount while you can, babe! (Coupon code for both is “28”.)

Speaking of deadlines, there’s only a couple days to sign up for Round 10 of the Snail Mail Game Show. I’ve got more than double the participants for this round than I’ve ever had. It just keeps getting better, and I want you to be a part of it!

Here’s some fun photos from lately:

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[Extra Sparkle] * Sparkly rainbow heart necklace from Joe * Polka dot note cards from Maura * Lap dances * Reading Big Magic * Clean comforters * Free food * Cramming into the back of an Uber like high school * The power of caffeine * When construction finally ends * Swanky furniture * Snapchat * Sparklers * Having so many late night conversations my voice went hoarse for days * Ashley reading my palms * Talking about moving out * People knowing Joe’s house as the “You Look Good” sign house * Having three chargers so I never have to carry them around again * Fresh flowers * The Bubble Parade * Cold hands on the back of my neck * The show “Animals” on HBO * Drinks with Judy at World Of Beer * Not wearing a bra

What’s on your happiness list this week? What were your favorite parts of June? What are you looking forward to next month?