Guess what? Tomorrow I’m heading to Delaware to Playa Del Fuego, the burn event I go to twice a year. I’m not going to have cell/internet access, and I’m pretty psyched. I’m going to have social media and blog posts scheduled while I’m gone, but I won’t be able to answer e-mails, respond to social media, and fulfill Etsy orders till I get back Monday evening. While I’m gone, I have a sale going on!

You can get my signature e-course on self love for the 2 month payment plan, but $10 off each month. That means $28 today to get FULL access to the entire course, which includes 10 exclusive interviews with experts on self love all over the world (and then another payment next month). Are you ready to change your life? Make your personal development a priority. You deserve to be happy, and I can help you get there. Don’t take my word for it, though!

“If you’re ever looking for ways to get stronger in the practice of self-love, I highly recommend this course. She’s an absolute dynamo with a real talent for getting her readers’ energy up and encouraging them to love themselves. I’m so glad I found her. I love finding people who have endeavored to make self-love and positivity a part of their daily lives and want to share their insights with the world.” – Michelle P.

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[Extra Sparkle] * Getting recognized in public * Prepping guerrilla art supplies * Starting to watch Sex And The City 15 years late * First day without rain * My dad enjoying his birthday party * Puzzle pieces starting to come in * Interactions in the Uncustomary Babes group * Writing lots of lists * Sausage * Longer hours of sunlight * A beach bar * Neon signs * Seeing Munchel * New Summer Reading Program T-shirt * New floral headband * Recording a podcast interview with Desiree * Cat-sitting for Max and Nova and them being real life stuffed animal cuddle bunnies * My heating pad automatically turning off after it’s on too long so I don’t burn anything down * Charlie Day * Getting obsessed with Snapchat (add me, I’m @uncustomaryart) * Laying on my bed with Ashley * The crystals on my desk * Bug playing in boxes and wrapping paper * Velvet posters * New Regina Spektor albums

What’s on your happiness list this week?