Happy March, gorgeous! I’ve been so busy it’s insane. From early Friday to late Sunday night I was in Vancouver to be a speaker (about self love!) at the British Columbia Neurofibromatosis Symposium. I learned a lot about the disorder (which among multiple other symptoms, causes individuals suffering from it to develop different types of tumors all over their body) and was inspired by people who were living (thriving) with the disorder, as well as their friends, family, and medical professionals.


I talked about self love and body positivity, and even though I don’t have the disorder myself I felt like I was able to relate to the audience through my experiences with mental health and past body image issues. Things seemed to go really well– especially when I brought out the balloons which I had everyone write “You are beautiful. You are loved. You are enough.” on and then throw up in the air while I played music. When the music stopped, everyone grabbed a balloon, which wasn’t the same one they started out with.


Vancouver was amazing and exhausting. I did things like walk across a suspension bridge high enough off the ground to stack four T-Rexes on top of one another, visit gorgeous stationery stores, and visit the Catfe (a cafe with real cats available for adoption) even if I wasn’t allowed in because I didn’t have a reservation. I was on planes, trains, buses, ferries, taxis, cars, elevators, moving walkways, and my feet constantly. I had a great time, though, and I definitely like Vancouver more than Toronto!


Things are progressing beautifully with my book. I sold some to people in Canada, and the people who placed pre-orders have started to receive theirs. I’m so excited about the new development of people taking ridiculously silly selfies with my book. You can check out the hashtag so far with #thisisaboutyoubook. Oh! And all day yesterday, Joe and I did bulk tasks to stuff 115 envelopes for the Kickstarter backers. I’m really sorry it’s taking so long, but I think you’ll find it’s worth it. They’re are almost ready to be mailed out! Stay tuned. Thank you for your patience!


Anyway, have you ordered your copy yet? You can order it online today and my publisher will get it sent out to you ASAP! I’ll be hosting a book launch party sometime in April, so if you’re in the area you are totally invited and you can get your copy (or have me sign your already purchased one).


Lastly, you may have noticed some changes here on the blog. It’s a work in progress, but I’m excited about all the new stuff! For example, the images for today’s post are in a slideshow instead of one after the other. I hope you enjoy the new layout. Let me know if you have any questions.

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[Extra Sparkle] * Rainbow crosswalk * Overheard stranger conversations * Pink bath bomb * Hotel duvets * Joe being covered in glitter * Bug being happy to see me * Taking off my tights and bra after a long day * Getting my toes painted a bright coral color * Temperatures slowly warming up * Overwhelming support for my book * How Canadian money looks * Flight where you don’t have to sit next to anyone * Joe getting me a signed copy of Amy Poehler’s Yes Please to celebrate my book officially being published * The way Bug oversees all of my projects * Leap Day! * Making progress with my business


What’s on your happiness list this week? What are you looking forward to this month?