Can you believe it’s the last day of July?! Absolutely crazy. I’d love to hear what your Top Ten Things about this month were! I’ll be sure to post mine tomorrow. Share via comment, Facebook, e-mail, etc.
Today is Uncommon Instruments Awareness Day. You may recall me celebrating last year by making paper plate shakers. It’s so important to celebrate little holidays!
Anyway, here’s my last weekly happiness of July. I hope you have a great last day of the month. Make it special!
+ deciding to buy the rest of the balloon collection to add to my yellow one
+ the way they look while I’m laying in bed
+ this reminder on my wall
+ going to Hyattsville with Michelle for dinner, and then walking around the Arts District
(the next few photos are from the same trip)
+ silver bird sculpture
+ bright billboards
+ this wonderful, out of nowhere, shop with everything
+ seeing a Little Free Library in person
+ spotting this yellow bird
+ my Spread Love banner from Janice in my studio (and Bug)
+ the aesthetics of a Ferris wheel
+ celebrating Carousel Day a day late
+ the remnants of balloons
+ the way this green yarn made Bug’s eyes pop
+ watching a squirrel parkour off a mailbox
+ cheesecake & Ke$ha (simultaneously)
+ creating Monthly Marvels and getting subscribers already!
+ wearing my new mermaid fin
+ dancing with everyone during my last class at work
+ quitting my day job! and all of the beautiful farewell gifts
+ carrying out my half deflated dinosaur instead of a box of my things
+ giving out mix CDs
+ looking through photos of myself and finding “eccentric poses”, per Michelle’s request
+ going to the Ferndale Tavern with Mike
+ Mim seeing a mermaid on the top floor of a bookstore
+ feeling a little more confident
+ doing two yarnbombs
+ handing out/hanging up Human Rainbow flyers
+ there being mermaid swimming lessons in the Philippines
+ eating at a sushi restaurant in Pasadena with Ashley and Lance
+ playing Uno
+ checking my PO Box and sending mail out
+ holding up my “magic” sign on the street corner
+ going to the gym twice already this week
+ ordering balloon bouquets
+ getting an incredibly sweet letter from Ashley, who has been following my blog for a long time apparently!
+ hanging out in my studio
+ rainbow crosswalks in Vancouver
+ being able to tell that Bug is happy I’m home
+ Pad Thai
What’s been making you happy this week?