Life has been fairly uneventful lately. Lots of great little moments, but nothing monumental. Maybe that’s okay, though. The weather has been shit, but it’s really just a challenge to make sure I’m living my life well despite external circumstances.

Weekly Happiness | Uncustomary Art

Some of my best friends and I crammed ourselves onto a big red velvety chair. Joe’s roommate pointed out that he and I should get a cat and name it Jesus (Jesus, Mary, and Joseph). And I’ve been watching really great TV including The Punk Singer, The Inbetweeners, and Batman movies.

Weekly Happiness | Uncustomary Art

I spent hours working on the mail art show with Erika, and really enjoyed seeing all the entries spread across two tables. I painted my nails with sequins and watched Bug get super comfy on top of a paper bag in the leggings drawer of my dresser.

Weekly Happiness | Uncustomary Art

I went the wrong direction down a road late Saturday night, and really loved how dark and windy it was. I’d like to go there again, but this time on purpose. I wore a neon men’s windbreaker and shorts out in the snow to run to the post office and get dinner with Nick. I laid down in a booth that’s meant to look like a car at a local bar.

Not every week can be full of Kodak moments and activities that earn you trophies. As long as you’re working towards something, it’s okay to have quieter days once in a while.

This week I made an effort to make my city more fun, was there for my friends when they needed me, and told my boyfriend I love him. It’s really all I can ask for. And it doesn’t hurt when you get to hear a man with a thick Indian accent say “Here’s your hot dog, miss”.

What’s on your happiness list this week?

Gratefully yours,