Hello there, beautiful. My Weekly Happiness post is coming a day early this week, because I have a post scheduled for tomorrow that is more time-sensitive. Stay tuned for celebratory silliness in less than twenty-four hours time!

This second week of 2015 has been a lot more low-key than recent times. I’ve actually been really emotional/hormonal lately, which has made me want to do a lot of nothing! It’s kind of hard to party hard when you’re busy crying about the fact that I can’t remember what Brie cheese tastes like or how long I have to wait till Leap Year comes around. It hasn’t been a bad time all week, though!

Weekly Happiness | Uncustomary Art
Bug reading up on current events

Yesterday, I participated in the DC version of the No Pants Subway Ride (which I will be posting about in much more detail very soon). Afterwards, we went to Chevy’s and I ordered $20 worth of Mexican food, including that delicious corn mash stuff they have. On my way back from the bathroom, which had a sign on it that said “We apologize in advance for the smell in this bathroom”, I passed a table of older people. One of the men said “…and that’s another episode of South Park”, which made me smile because I really liked the idea that he was just sitting there hashing out full episodes of South Park over tortillas and salsa.

Weekly Happiness | Uncustomary Art

Extra Sparkle:  my favorite lady friends sitting around my bedroom, working on their respective crafts while watching stand up comedy  getting a message from a local reporter about street art the promise of bottomless salad and breadsticks wearing sloth socks  people getting and liking my New Year’s cards  watching Pippi Longstocking movies  watching people eat garlic bread flavored chips for the first time  a group of PMSing girls who constantly rotate between cuddling and screaming at each other  new sheets from JCPenney  receiving my first mail art submissions  girl talk at Sara’s  getting season three of Girls on DVD and binge-watching the entire thing in one day  love texts  working on a new fashion-based project  parking meters that cost only 20 cents for an hour  the Mike Tyson ad on the Metro  seeing men in suit jackets and boxers, carrying a suitcase  Big Fish  working at my new desk  when Bug comes in and lays on top of my legs  shaving my legs twice in a week, a winter miracle

Weekly Happiness | Uncustomary Art
my favorite compliment of 2015 (so far)

Another huge thing that happened was that, without me knowing, NPR advertised my mail social on the radio! I was super excited about it, and started clapping and screaming! The actual mail social itself went well. Thanks to everyone who came out! Pictures on that to come soon, as well.

What’s on your happiness list this week, darling?