Since I last wrote a happiness post I worked with April to make a giant balloon installation, and we have successfully passed Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday into the last month of the year. Happy December, you beautiful people!

I mentioned my thoughts and (lack of) plans for Thanksgiving, but at night I did go to visit Joe as he waited in line for the comic book shop. I brought him blankets and hot coffee and ended up staying with him. I can’t remember being that cold before, even under all the blankets, gloves, hats, and scarves you see here.

Weekly Happiness | Uncustomary Art

I got to introduce Cristen to April and her world of magic. She jumped in the ball pit immediately, like any self-respecting adult should. I also got to meet even more of Cristen’s cool co-workers at a bar on Saturday after I taught a mail social at Baltimore’s Free School. (The mail social was a success, and thank you all for coming!)

Weekly Happiness | Uncustomary Art

Extra Sparkle:  raspberry beer at Max’s  hearing stories that make you laugh so hard you spit  having an entire conversation with a stranger that I thought was about balloons, but was actually about my dress  eating Pho with Ash on her couch while watching “Teen Witch” for the first time  downloading emojis  Joe saying I’m the best girlfriend in the world  mushy texts between my friends and I on Thanksgiving about being grateful for each other  making it to Starbucks before they closed  synchronicity on the waxing crescent moon  seeing “Horrible Bosses 2”  shoving popcorn in my mouth like I’m mental  Joe giving me a diamond he stole from work  everyone pitching in to help me clean up after the mail social  practicing lyrics for the party on Saturday  ordering my New Year’s Eve dress  stealing a glittery gold leaf from the gay bar and rubbing it on my car’s ceiling to make it “rain”  spooning with Ash on Nick’s twin bed after feeding each other 7-11 pizza  watching “It’s Always Sunny Christmas, “The Devil Wears Prada”, and Kevin Hart stand up all in one day  getting a glitter pin from my old boss in the mail  completing our yearly tradition of Charlotte and I getting our picture taken with Santa  how much time Bug has been spending with me lately  creating a “Smile File” on my laptop for nice things people have said about me  telling Joe that in terms of food, I like him as much as melted cheese  turkeys that can’t even  joining the Babes Making Things group

I hope your first week of December is as epic as this high five between Sam and Casey.

Weekly Happiness | Uncustomary Art

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PS – I’m sorry things have been so quiet. My web hosting got super wonky and it took me a long time to get it fixed, but we’re back in business now, thanks to three separate wonderful men at Go Daddy. #1 and I exchanged puns back and forth while we waited for things to load, Char, Cristen, + I yelled massively inappropriate things to #2, and #3 said “you’re making me blush”. Lesson learned: I’m really good on the phone.