Ups and downs are the way of life, huh? The good news is that both are inevitable. So even when you’re down in a valley, you can be sure that something good will happen again. [It will.]

This week has been full of beautiful things, for the most part. I went to Artscape, which was a blast. I got to dance in two flash mobs, go pantsless as a political statement, and get my groove on to Galactic playing live. The theme this year was movement, and one of my favorite installations was just this little patch of grass that was full of pinwheels, twirling in the wind. It made my heart feel full.

I got to go to a stand up show and laugh my butt off. We partied with some of the comics after the show, and I’m really proud of my friend, Sara, for getting out there and being funny! In addition to the Artscape festival, I also got to go to a carnival in Westminster. I played the duck pond game and won a tinsel baton, rode on the Ferris Wheel, ate cotton candy, and saw some really beautiful rides. I feel like not enough things are shaped like candy in every day life.

Extra Sparkle:  new bras and underwear  the way my new curtains transformed my room  strangers coming up to me at bars to compliment my dancing  the weird and delicious crust Pizza Hut is using  going to a WaWa in Westminster at 4 am with no one there, and enjoying the serene parking lot  getting matching 90’s outfits with Ashley  dancing on stage at the gay bar  ridiculous photoshoots with friends  running into friends from high school  a burger with fried mac and cheese on it  taking a tour of a Victorian art school  covering Charlotte’s trunk in “I love my ___” [insert dog breed] magnets for her birthday  opening beautiful packages from friends  helping Ashley move her cat, Neko, from her parents’ to her house  this conversation: Me: “Why are my eyes watering?” Ash: “You have guacamole in your eye.”  being able to send gifs via text  riding in carts, laying on display beds, and speaking loudly about straws in Big Lots  the way my friends and I play “Marco Polo” when we’re lost in any store  being able to pick myself back up  beautiful gift bags  Brad Pitt’s character in “Snatch”  approaching my one year anniversary of starting my business  your reactions to my Glitter Goggles post  singing songs in an environment that makes them literal  setting my standards higher

We’ve been partying pretty hard this summer. Sometimes you need a power nap in between adventures. Sending love your way!

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