Ah! It’s July! Are you excited? I’m excited. This month is about a lot of different things (not just birthdays!) and I can’t wait to celebrate everything. Friends visiting from out of state, creating love locks, art festivals, Halloween themed bar crawls, brunch, silly holidays, and more. I hope you are excited for this month, and I’d love to hear what you have planned in the comments. Today is full of possibilities. How will you spend it?

Time to get into the happiness the past week has brought me…

+ the birthday triplets
+ how the Indian restaurant we ate at changed the music over the speakers and made a big deal out of Ashley’s birthday
+ how much these guys liked the presents I got them
+ preparing 100 lollipop RAOKs, even if they weren’t well received
+ getting my Fourth Of July outfit

+ how beautiful the cemetery on Greenmount Avenue in Baltimore is
+ feeling my body chemistry and brain changing
+ a fantastic gift from Michelle: a twirly carousel full of my favorite photos
+ joining the Get Messy group
+ the term “dinosauring” for a specific set of noises I make when I’m excited

+ this bartender’s Baltimore themed tattoo sleeve
+ a fun night at Mother’s with tons of friends, old and new
+ the DJ thanking me for dancing so hard
+ reminiscing about old local bands
+ this hilarious response

+ driving around with the remains of the wonderful decorations April put on my car
+ getting a hair cut and freshly dyeing my hair
+ the convenience of ATMs with check deposit options
+ Ashley wanting to go shopping for stationery
+ this note to self in my phone I wrote when I was drunk

+ my first Oriole’s game this year
+ the idea of living with the same intensity that you give when you’re trying to get on the big screen sports cam
+ getting a piece of paper notarized that says I can do whatever I want
+ seeing 22 Jump Street in the theater
+ realizing that Mike changed my dating profile to say I was a homosexual seven-foot-eight Native American, who does drugs constantly and refuses to have a monogamous relationship; body type: “jacked”

What’s on your happy list this week?