Hi! Things have been winding down a little, post-birthday celebrations, but the month of birthdays isn’t over just yet! Today is my beautiful friend, Ashley’s, birthday and I can’t wait to celebrate with her. My three-day-long party was a blast, and I’m so grateful for my friends for hanging out with me, playing with balloons, and dancing their butts off.

How did you celebrate the Summer Solstice? If you’re running low on ideas for how to have fun this summer, you can check out my list from last year. Today I’m going to be cutting out a large amount of paper hearts and binge watching 30 Rock until it’s dinner time. I hope you have a great day!

+ having a birthday toast with pineapple straws
+ wonderful gifts including confetti
+ meeting Matthew, Charlotte’s most recent couch surfer (from England)
+ walking around with a balloon attached to my wrist

+ giving “you are beautiful” stickers to toll booth operators on 95
+ Charlotte sending me emojis of bottles and steak, representing “milk steak”
+ photobooths, free drinks, and birthday outfits
+ getting my palm read

+ the best text I’ve gotten this week
+ really nice doormen
+ Alan’s dog, Mika
+ painting the blades on a fan

+ balloons celebrating the unknown
+ dancing in the rain at the MVA
+ deciding to take a road trip to Chicago
+ leaving 50% tips for excellent servers

+ twirling in my mermaid dress
+ making my first pair of pasties
+ learning how to twirl tassel pasties
+ A Goofy Movie soundtrack

+ absurd life moments, like driving home with this busted milk carton out the window
+ lighting sparklers during a majestic thunderstorm
+ getting the idea for a big RAOK from a miserable situation
+ treating myself to meatballs at Ikea

+ my air freshener
+ writing mail at Analog with Melissa and Matthew
+ organizing the crap out of my desk
+ driving around to Roadside America locations

What’s on your happy list this week?

Mary England