This week was less action-packed than last, but it still felt really good. Every day makes me feel closer to where I want to be, and I’m happy to feel like life is a constant party. My birthday is coming up, and usually around this time I’m scrambling to cross off any remaining goals I didn’t accomplish. This year, I’ve allowed things to be less stressful and realize that I will get to things when I get to them. Speaking of my birthday, the only thing I want this year is confetti. I want all the confetti.

Here’s some gratitude for you…

+ hula hooping and juggling in the park
+ receiving an amazing birthday gift from Janice
+ watching blooper reels
+ starting my burlesque workshop with Ginger Snapz

+ this drawing Ashley did of me before we went out for the evening
+ being so prepared for the mountain of birthday parties that is this month
+ discovering a hilarious 13 second video from our Ocean City trip
+ ordering hoards of washi tape

+ the simple beauty of soap suds
+ Bug crawling under my new (old) bed sheets
+ being civil with ex’s
+ texting Katie

+ making bedtime sexy with a onesie
+ slumber party with Bug, pizza, and Boy Meets World
+ Andrew WK favoriting more of my tweets
+ finding some bangin’ tinted moisturizer

+ the new patterns on everything in Starbucks this season
+ playing with paint on the beach
+ delicious drinks with real raspberries at Bad Decisions
+ Sara’s birthday party and the cute game where every time you finished a drink you grabbed a brown paper bag and had to wear whatever was in there

+ Indy and I waiting for Momma Charlotte to come out of the gas station
+ hanging out at the dog park
+ walking around the city telling strangers their fortune
+ Charlotte saying it felt like we were “on the outskirts of town” and then looking up to see a “Baltimore City Limits” sign

+ the term “undercarriage blast”
+ allowing myself time to be sad
+ Ashley being the best friend and kidnapping me
+ swinging at the park

+ walking around Kinder Farm park at dusk and seeing baby birds
+ making zine copies
+ giving Nick his birthday presents
+ temporary tattoos

What’s on your happy list this week?