The first paper folding project I ever learned was the fortune teller. We would make them every day in elementary school, and I never lost my passion for them. Sometimes I will make them at restaurants while we’re waiting for our food, and sometimes I make giant ones out of poster board that I take to the streets.

A few years ago, I was a gypsy for Halloween, and this costume came in handy when I walked around Fells Point, asking strangers if they would like me to tell them their fortune. It was actually kind of a weird vibe that day from the people walking around. Usually I get positive reactions from that area, but everyone seemed in a bad mood! They thought I was trying to scam them (which I now wonder if it is due to the stigma of fortune tellers and mediums being hocus pocus) and seemed generally annoyed by my presence.

The good news is that not everyone was, and I was able to make some willing people smile.

The guy at the lemonade stand was so upset when I told him he would have a bad dream! He didn’t seem to care that the fortune ended with “but no harm will come”. And two girls asked me if I wanted a balloon, which was very sweet.

The video will give you a much better idea of what happened. I really enjoy looking at people’s faces as I tell them their fortune. Some people nodded knowingly, some were really surprised. My favorite was a guy in the line for the water taxi who yelled after me as I left, wanting more information. “Does it say anything else?!”

Thanks so much to Charlotte for following me around with a camera. You’re the best!

Want directions on how to fold your own fortune teller? Or perhaps some more performance themed posts?