As I went through the photos from the past week to makeย this post, I almost didn’t believe that this many good things could happen in seven days. This has honestly been one of the best weeks of my life, and I have my friends to thank for it. I really don’t know what else to say. I’m just so grateful. I’m going to let this post speak for itself.

+ beautiful painted performers at the Open Walls block party
+ people from the Bike Party showing up in their prom gear
+ dancing with strangers in a parking lot
+ running into people I know, like Alan and Jon

+ confetti nails
+ lunch date with Jenn
+ my big black sparkly ring
+ the “I hope you have a big trunk because I’m putting my bike in it” thing actually happening to me in real life

+ my rainy day piggy bank
+ seeing my first roller derby bout
+ getting my own beer check off list at The Phoenix
+ having one of those potentially embarrassing moments when your waiter comes up to you mid-conversation and you’re saying

“Do you watch real porn, though?”

+ seeing Back To The Future at an outdoor screening in DC, and someone bringing a DeLorean
+ seriously cute dogs
+ a parking attendant telling us that he was going to give us VIP treatment even though we weren’t on the list
+ 4 am heart-to-hearts

+ unconventional pool parties
+ having my photoshoot at Atomic Cheesecake studio
+ walking around all day afterwards with stellar make-up and hair
+ double foot longs at a famous local restaurant

+ having the best trip to Ocean City I’ve ever had with these three
+ getting buried in the sand
+ the most hilarious photoshoot with Nick and Brad of all time
+ strangers being kind enough to return lost wallets

+ beautiful window decorations
+ seeing a guy biking at night towing a giant neon purple cross
+ passing a rare book store sign with a unicorn on it
+ downloading tons of inspiring audio books

+ dancing at Seacrets
+ swimming half naked in the ocean at 2 am
+ having confetti rain down on me while a cover band rocked out
+ our cab driver getting out of the car to dance with us to Michael Jackson

+ this gorgeous photo Ashley took of the Bay Bridge as we crossed while listening to early 2000’s pop punk
+ constant partying, Andrew WK style
+ seriously wonderful packages in my PO Box
+ celebrating Bug’s 4th birthday

+ giant dance party at Vale Tudo after the Open Walls party
+ guest posting on Caylee’s blog
+ being better at communicating my feelings in relationships
+ phone calls with Janice

+ meeting Priya and helping her set up for the “Missing Things”ย public art event
+ hilarious closed captioning for non-words; example: “terroristic violence”
+ how much Bug likes Richard
+ getting to 600 “likes” on Facebook — join my giveaway!

What’s on your happy list this week?