Hey, you beautiful beasts! Before I share the happiness that’s surrounded me this week, I have an announcement! Last night I launched Inspiration For Your Inbox! It’s a series of 30 e-mails to uplift your day-to-day with variety, a fresh perspective, and fun ideas. Click through for the details and let me know if you have any questions!

+ leaving this note in the Starbucks bathroom
+ making sure Bug is healthy by taking him to the vet
+ leaving April a voicemail when I was feeling inspired
+ rediscovering the importance of confetti in Kaitlin’s card

+ making sure my life is themed
+ the pill in my throat finally dissolving
+ 350 likes on Facebook
+ logging hours at Starbucks just to write

+ going bowling with friends
+ getting friendship bracelets
+ playing air hockey
+ winning the game even though I didn’t bowl

+ doing karaoke to Ke$ha
+ nice feedback to my post about mental health issues
+ the newest episode of It’s Always Sunny making me laugh more than I thought possible (S09E07)
+ driving around alone at night listening to Jimmy Eat World

+ seeing a beautiful sunset
+ a burlesque dancer who twerked to Beethoven
+ practicing the fly hamster walk from this video with people I don’t know (1:08)
+ going to Larriland with Jenn! (more tomorrow)

+ apparently only wearing some combination of Beetlejuice pants and yellow plaid all week
+ Veronica’s kickstarter doing so well.. could you help her out?
+ my favorite day of the year: October 17th!
+ a man who knitted a 12 foot scarf while running a marathon

+ specific “don’ts” for motorcycles
+ Sarah sharing pictures of a bank-turned-bookstore that she visited
+ Jenn referring to my sweater as a “neon-Cosby”
+ recording really creepy audio of me laughing

+ happy hour at the Four Seasons with Kenna
+ starting to use Foursquare (ten years later!)
+ doing my flash mob even though no one came
+ the way Charlotte bowls (see video below, and more footage here)

 What’s been making you happy this week?