Today starts a new feature, where I will provide you with a challenge for the upcoming week. I encourage you to share your interpretations, reactions, and results to these prompts wherever you so choose. Maybe you’ll share on social media with the hashtag #uncustomaryart, maybe on your own blog, or maybe just in a summary paragraph in a comment on this post. Or maybe you don’t want to share with anyone but your personal journal, which is completely fine, too. Just take time to explore these topics and yourself.

Boring, Marylnd | Uncustomary Art

Weekly Prompt #1: Go in nature

Ideas:  Take a hike  Visit an arboretum or butterfly garden  Collect leaves, stones, or insects  Take your dog for a walk  Go rock climbing  Go on a nature scavenger hunt  Take a drive through a rural area  Plant some seeds  Climb a tree  Dip your toes in water  Camp in your backyard  Have an art picnic  Paint rocks   Create natural artwork  Search for and photography spider webs

Boring, Marylnd | Uncustomary Art

Every week, I will choose my favorite response and that person will receive a card in the mail from me. So make sure I know your post exists! (Link to me or use my hashtag.) The interpretation is completely up to you, and there is no wrong answer. So go surround yourself with streams, bark, and moss. Can’t wait to hear what you get into as you celebrate nature.

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