What Is The Vortex?

Why are people talking about it, and how can you use it to your advantage? Let me tell you!

Ways I Know I'm In The Vortex | Uncustomary

The Vortex is a term coined by Abraham-Hicks. It’s becoming a more well-known term in the world of self-development, and I must tell you that when I first heard this term, it wasn’t something I liked. Just the word itself. It sounded too “woo” for me. I was open to coming around to it, which I have, but it took a little while.

I tell you this because if it feels that way for you, that’s totally okay. The important thing is what The Vortex means, and once you figure that out and get inside it, you can call it whatever you want! Making up your own term for it, might even give it more power, who knows?

The Vortex is a place we go inside our minds, and feel in our bodies. It’s when we are in TOTAL ALIGNMENT with ourselves and the universe. It’s when what we ask for is given to us. Manifesting is easier than ever because the universe hears you clear as hell, and you’re putting out good vibes like crazy. In fact you’re radiating, and you look and feel the most fabulous you can.

Here are 10 ways I know I’m in The Vortex:

  • Catching 11:11 on the clock
  • Ducks in the wild
  • Rainbows or even double rainbows
  • When people call or text me when I’m thinking about them
  • Dogs with their head out of car windows
  • People carrying bouquets of balloons
  • Pinwheels catching wind
  • Being recognized in public
  • Blowing bubbles in weird places or finding someone else blowing them
  • People drawing with sidewalk chalk in front of my house

If you want to know more about The Vortex, check out Episode 3 of Supersonic Self-Love which includes a free Vortex Meditation!

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