I have a knock-off version of a Go Pro video camera in my purse at all times. It’s usually in it’s little carrying sleeve, but even then it can sometimes turn on without me knowing and when I go to upload footage there are these giant chunks of time where you just hear muffled sounds and see nothing but black. One day last month, though, the camera wasn’t safely inside it’s silky sleeve, and had managed to turn itself on while I was getting ready to leave the house.

It recorded for over a half hour without me knowing, and I watched it waiting for something horribly embarrassing to happen. Ultimately, this is just a basic half hour in my life, and I thought it would be kind of cool for me to share it with you, completely unedited. It’s actually really boring because there’s a good chunk of me driving and at one point I actually zip up my purse. I kept hoping I would unzip it, but I never do. It’s still very interesting because the audio is pretty clear.

Time frames:

0:00 – Getting ready, walking out the door to my car
3:40 – Phone call with Brad
4:40 – Driving/music
17:29 – Phone call with Brad
18:37 – Zip up my purse
21:44 – Conversation begins on Ray Rice/violence/sexism
30:06 – Cashier telling me how good my energy drink smells/me ordering a large fry

Other details about this day: I am wearing a Summer Reading Program T-shirt. It doesn’t usually take me that long to drive to Arbutus, so I’m assuming there was traffic. The reason it took me so long from getting in the car to calling Brad is because I do a bunch of things when I first get in my car, like spraying glitter all over my arms, plugging in electronics, and selecting music. The music I listen to on that drive is absolutely ridiculous– it’s all chick pop. Proof that my music is listened to based on my mood. The energy drink was a red Monster. It’s hilarious how quiet Nick is during the ethical discussion. I’m sorry if you hate my views on what we talked about; this isn’t something that I ever would have written a post about, but it just happens to be in this video and the fact that I didn’t know I was being recorded is too good of an opportunity to pass up. I never finished my fries.