You have always wanted to let that one sexual fantasy of yours run wild, haven’t you? So whether you are looking for some time to yourself or a spicing-it-up with a partner session, a vibrating dildo might just be it, halleluj-AH! 

Why? Because there shouldn’t be any limitations when it comes to your sexual pleasure! And both vibrators and vibrating dildos are powerful vibrating tools that are intuitively designed and come in bright colors, making them a fantastic pleasure companion for each and every one of you. No matter what’s in your pants. 

What is a vibrator

A vibrator, sometimes described as a massager, is a sex toy that is used on the body to produce pleasurable sexual stimulation. There are many different shapes and models of vibrators. Modern-day vibrators contain an electric-powered device that pulsates or throbs. Vibrators can be used for both solo play and partnered play by one or more people. Devices exist to be used by couples to stimulate the genitals of both partners. If you use the School of Squirt’s method, a vibrator can even make you squirt.

They can be applied to erogenous zones, such as the clitoris, the vulva or vagina, penis, scrotum, or anus, for sexual stimulation, for the release of sexual frustration and to achieve orgasm. Vibrators may be recommended by sex therapists for women and men who have difficulty reaching orgasm through masturbation or intercourse.

Types of vibrators

Take control of your sexual wellness with our vast array of hella good vibes! Powerful vibrations, intuitive controls, bright colors, and exemplary designs all add to our vibrator collection’s reputation for pleasure and satisfaction. Whether you want to have some fun with your partner or take some solo time for yourself, a vibrator can help you reach mind-blowing and gratifying orgasms.

We wholeheartedly welcome you to discover all the vibrators you can think of – rabbit vibrators to double up your fun, bullet vibrators to level up your sexual wellness game, g-spot vibrators to really hit what matters the most, p-spot vibrators to stimulate the hidden pleasure gem called your prostate, wand vibrators or the real OGs of the sex toys world, there are also clitoral vibrators and clit suckers that are famous for their ability to make you go 0-100 in a matter of seconds, and so many more. 

What is a dildo

The dildo is a sex toy particularly phallic in nature. These models tend to be modeled after the basic shape of the human penis, characterized by a fairly uniform shaft and pronounced head. There are additional features to give this bedroom staple a more realistic look and feel. These would usually include but are not limited to veins, balls, and sometimes color, which comes down to the preference of the end-user.

For example, you can find vibrating dildos (if that is the type of stimulation to get you off), ones with suction cups (enabling hands-free fun), and even strap-ons (perfect for activities such as pegging, partner roleplay, or girl-on-girl). If you are looking for a dildo with a particular purpose in mind, be sure to think about these extra features that could make a toy the ideal one for you. You can check a variety of dildos on Dragon Dildos.

Types of dildos

There are even particularly niched dildos, such as realistic dildos or fisting dildos (yup!), fantasy dildos, dragon dildos, and animal dildos, which are also realistic in the sense they are molded to look like the penis of a mythological creature or that of an actual animal. or even dildos attached to sex dolls. That being, it’d be safe to say that dildos are truly universal – you can find one for every occasion!

Main differences

The verdict is simple: a vibrator has a motor that creates buzzing sensations, whereas your dildo doesn’t have one, unless it’s a vibrating dildo. This would make the vibrator battery- or cord-powered pleasure device, whereas, a dildo would rely on your thrusting assistance.

Dildos, which generally do not vibrate on their own, are most often used for sexual penetration of the vagina, anus, or mouth. However, they can be used in an array of ways – everything from general arousal to solo masturbation, partner(s) strap-on play, or pegging. Dildos also can serve as both a prosthetic and/or extension.


To get the best out of your vibrator or vibrating dildo, start with the lowest setting and gradually increase the intensity as you get aroused. When used correctly, the dildo can be a helpful tool in achieving sexual satisfaction. However, choosing the proper vibration for you and/or your partner is essential. If you are looking for a more gentle sensation, then a lower intensity vibration may be best. However, if you are looking for a more intense experience, then a higher intensity vibration may be what you need. 


A vibrator can be as loud as a conversation in a coffee shop; and as quiet as the average noise in a room (such as the background noise of a refrigerator). Usually, wands are said to be more powerful and, therefore, louder than other vibrators. So you should definitely use them while your roommate is with their headphones on or away! Some of them are so loud that you can hear them even with your door closed. And we know that some walls are extremely thin… 

Again, how loud the vibrator exactly depends on how they built the device, what kind of stimulation they made it for, what materials they used, and many more things. 


Vibrators can be pricey – any pleasure product with a motor, built-in charger, or battery slot, would take more engineering and workforce to build, therefore, vibrators can be pricier than regular dildos. Buying cheap vibrators isn’t something we’d recommend unless your budget is really tight, however, there are always cheaper options with fewer vibration patterns.

Look and feel

Most vibrators come in strange shapes and forms, barely resembling anything you’ve ever come across. When it comes to your desire for pure erotic realism, nothing beats having a silicone cast of a bulging boner in your bedroom’s drawer. When you’re in the mood for a shaft and a pair of soft and squishy balls but there are none around, your vibrating dildo will prove to sate all of your meaty needs. A dildo’s shaft is soft and bendable, and it is made to look and feel like a real man’s penis.

Only you know what your intimate life really needs. When it comes to vibrators vs vibrating dildos, if you prefer the dynamic duo — it’s truly a personal choice or the combined choice of two partners.

If this is your first adventure in the magical world of pleasure products it’s not a bad idea to check out sex tips based on your personal preferences. For example, if you’re having a hard time reaching the big “O” through penetration, a vibrator or a vibrating dildo may really be a game-changer for you.