On August 5th we get to celebrate the unusual holiday National Underwear Day! Underwear isn’t 100% necessary, but most of us have some common ground with it. Truth be told, if I’m wearing underwear it’s usually because it’s cute or for a purpose like my outfit calls for it or I’m on my period. Otherwise, if I can get away without wearing underwear I do. Generally I find the less clothes I’m wearing the more comfortable I am. Anyone else? I remember in high school my mom did my laundry and at one point she asked me what I was doing with my underwear because she never saw any in my hamper, haha. It made changing in the dance company locker room a bit interesting, but comfort first, am I right?

That said, cute underwear is cute. One of my favorite places to shop for underwear is absolutely Aerie. I’m plus size in every store, and American Eagle (which owns Aerie) barely goes to a size 14, but somehow their regular XL fits me perfectly. If any of you 2X/3X babes have a shape similar to mine (where you’re a little smaller on the bottom, legs/butt), I definitely recommend checking out Aerie because they constantly have these deals where there’s like seven pairs of underwear on sale for $25. There’s like three dozen styles to choose from, too. To be fair, I miss the days when they used to wrap up your shopping bag handles with satin ribbon, but they’re honestly one of the only reasons I will ever step into a mall these days.

Aside from Aerie, I love Target and Lane Bryant. And below you’ll see me mention Thinx which are the perfect period underwear of all time. None of these brands sponsor me by the way, I just love them and want you to find the best underwear you can if you’re searching. If you’re plus sized and need more options, feel free to comment or e-mail me! I’m happy to help.

Whether it’s classic underwear or you’re branching our your definition to include bras (and bralettes, hello the future!), a nice pair can honestly boost your self-confidence even if no one else is seeing it. So let’s celebrate all things under our clothes (bodies included)!

Underwear Day | Uncustomary

10 Ways To Celebrate Underwear Day

1. Make your own pair of underwear, whatever cut/pattern/color/fit you want!
2. Treat yourself to a new pair of fabulous panties, the fancy kind you always say is too expensive
3. Recreate the famous scene from “Risky Business” and share the video with me
4. Host an underwear party where everyone has to come dressed in some kind of underwear
5. Make plans to go to next year’s No Pants Subway Ride in the city nearest you
6. Organize your underwear drawer and throw away all your old pairs/ones with (unintentional) holes in them
7. Hire a photographer or ask your friend to take pictures of you in your undies because your body is beautiful and deserves to be celebrated
8. Get yourself a pair of Thinx underwear, which I swear by now, the period underwear that requires no tampons or pads!
9. Wear your underwear outside your jeans and learn the “I’m A Slave 4 U” dance, circa 2001
10. Google image search your celebrity crush’s name + “underwear” and enjoy

Underwear Day | Uncustomary

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What’s your favorite cut of underwear? Top: // Underwear: Thinx // Flower Crown 1: Forever21 // Bra: Lane Bryant // Underwear: Target // Flower Crown: Claire’s Photos: Maura Housley