We’ve all been teenagers. For some of us it’s been longer than others, but we all have had the same thought at least once in our life, being “I wish someone had told me this when I was a teenager”. Luckily, I’m here to help you avoid this painful point in your life and tell you the things you should know when you’re a teenager.

Celebrate Your Body: It’s Yours!

One thing that every teenager should know, no matter your gender, is that you should celebrate your body in as many ways as you can. Right now, you might be in that phase of your life where you have many negative thoughts about your body. But guess what? So does everyone else. Magazines make you believe that you need to have flawless skin, a massive behind, and puffed-up lips, but this is only temporary. Remember the 90’s, where all celebrities were size 0 and as flat as a pancake? Well, times are different now.

My point is, don’t focus too much on what society believes you should be. Get that crazy hair color, start that teen onlyfans page, or get that tattoo you’ve always wanted, but were too afraid your parents would hate. You might only regret it later, when that nasty thought saying “I wish I did this when I was younger” slips into your mind once more. Forget about what others think. It’s your body, and you should celebrate it any way you like. 

Live a Little: You Can Always Settle Down Later

If you’re a regular teenager who goes to school and has a family, then you might know a boomer or two who has asked you about your school and career plans. Because of these never ending questions, many teenagers feel the pressure to perform well at school or work. Although I do not deny that school is important, and having money enough to live comfortably should not be underestimated, it’s not everything. 

With this, I mean that when you’re that young, your life should not always be completely focused on performing well. Later in life, you’ll have time to buy a house, get married and start a family. But while you’re young, you should live a little. You don’t have the responsibility yet of the mountain of bills that is coming to you, and with (hopefully) no kids to take care of (yet), you’re free to live and go wherever you want. Don’t let the state borders or even the borders of the country stop you. Grab that bag, plan that trip and go. 

Cherish Those Close to You, But Know Your Limits

By now, you’ve probably figured out that most people are selfish, and will leave you for the next person as easily as they came. It might sound a bit cynical of me, but don’t be bothered too much when they do. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to make meaningful connections in life, and real friendships are often formed when you’re a little older. 

That being said, besides putting your effort in those few real friends that you can build on, don’t take your family for granted. They are the ones that will always be by your side. You’re connected by blood and that will never change, so put your effort in those that will be there for life. This life lesson will surely save you lots of tears and help you get through those tough times with people who love you (for real).