Things I Don't Expect To See While Driving, But Could Happen | Uncustomary Art

25 Things I Don’t Expect To See While Driving…But Could Happen

+ police officer running radar in a speedo
+ someone shooting off a t-shirt canon from the bed of a pick up truck
+ a sloth getting a bath in the back of a convertible
+ Obama standing through the roof of a limo wearing sunglasses, smoking a cigar, and holding a 40
+ a naked garbage man
+ someone holding a flaming torch out of their window
+ group of cheerleaders doing a routine in the median strip
+ digital porn on an electronic billboard
+ group of people doing the YMCA dance in a cul de sac
+ driver being ejected out of their seat through the roof
+ tight roping circus worker on power lines
+ a cat twerking
+ someone getting a tattoo outside
+ a movie being filmed (with Johnny Depp)
+ two bears mating
+ people shooting at each other while dressed up like the characters from Archer
+ a herd of men dressed as Santa Clauses doing a line dance
+ a toddler skitching on a skateboard that is attached to a car
+ a motorcycle replaced with a horse from a carousel as the seat
+ an Amish family on a buggy, wearing velour jumpsuits with rhinestone bling that reads “Thug Life”
+ a fifteen foot inflatable ice cream cone strapped down to the roof of a car
+ someone throwing twenty dollar bills out of the roof of their convertible
+ a check point where the police officers are playing beer pong instead of checking for sobriety
+ someone shooting paint balls at every road sign they pass
+ construction workers holding up tridents instead of “Stop/Slow” signs

What else can we add to this list?