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It’s inevitable that one day Bug is going to rule this country. I just wanted us to be prepared for the dictatorship that the US will become once this occurs. Considering a lot of my friends are interested in mail, I thought you might want to know what the new states will be called under the Bug Administration.

future leader of the free world

Alabama – Alabambug*
Alaska – Buglaska
Arizona – Bugizona
Arkansas – Bugkansas
California – Bugifornia
Colorado –Bugorado
Conneticut – Bugneticut
Delaware – Bugaware
DC – District of Buglombia*
Florida – Bugida
Georgia –Buggia
Hawaii – Bugwaii
Idaho – Idabug*
Illinois – Buginoise*
Indiana – Bugdiana
Iowa – Bugowa
Kansas – Bugsass*
Kentucky – Bugtucky
Louisiana – Bugsiana
Maine – Bug Has A Mane
Maryland – Buggyland
Massachusetts – Bugachusetts*
Michigan – Michibug
Minnesota – Bugesota
Mississippi – Bugissippi
Missouri  – Missourbug
Montana – Bugtana
Nebraska – Bugbraska*
Nevada – Bugvada
New Hampshire – New Hampbug
New Jersey – Bug Jersey
New Mexico – New Bugico
New York – Bug York
North Carolina – North Bugolina
North Dakota – North Bugota
Ohio – Bughio
Oklahoma – Buglahoma
Oregon – Buggiegon
Pennsylvania – Bugylvania
Rhode Island – Bug Island
South Carolina – South Bugolina
South Dakota – South Bugota
Tennessee – Bugessee
Texas – Texbug
Utah – Bugtah
Vermont – Bugmont
Virginia – Virginbug
Washington – Bugington
West Virginia – West Virginbug
Wisconisn – Bugconsin
Wyoming – Bugoming

I starred my favorites.
What would your new state be? Where would you want to live? Any suggestions on different names?