Many of us are guilty of putting all our body-positive efforts into summer. We commit to looking and feeling happy and confident in beachwear and summer dresses. Then, fall comes, and we cover up and hide away until the following year. It’s normal to put on a little weight in cold weather, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still feel positive and happy and can’t love yourself. Here’s how you can take your body positivity into fall without sacrificing all those holiday treats you’ve been looking forward to. 

Practice Intuitive Eating and Nourish Your Body and Soul

Intuitive eating is so much better than dieting. You eat what you want with no restrictions or limitations. Instead of a diet plan, you let your body guide you, listening to its hunger cues and cravings. Eat what you fancy when hungry and stop when you are full. This means you get to enjoy all those fall treats without any guilt. 

Nourishing your body doesn’t mean only eating the healthiest foods. For most of us, it means enjoying a well-balanced diet that includes lots of vitamins and minerals, the occasional treat, and unhealthy snacks. Look at the best food-insecure benefits to make healthy eating easier. 

Ditch the Scale

For most of us, the scale is rarely a positive thing. Instead, try to listen to your body. Learn more about what feels right and what doesn’t. Focus on how good you feel after exercise or a nourishing meal instead of the calories consumed or burned and the effect on your weight. 

Spend Time with Positive People

We’ve all met people who are only happy when they are finding faults or taking pleasure in other people’s setbacks. These people can seem fun as long as it’s not you that they are picking on. But they don’t help to cultivate a positive lifestyle. Instead, spend time with people who find joy in lifting other people up and people who make you feel good about yourself. 

Get Outdoors

Being outside is great for our mental health and body positivity. People who exercise outdoors in nature are often less concerned with their weight and appearance. They tend to be more positive and happier with themselves. Try hiking out in nature whenever you can for a big boost. 

Wear Things You Love

Some people love autumnal fashions and feel great in chunky jumpers, biker boots, and skinny jeans. Other people absolutely hate packing away their cute summer dresses. If you love summer fashion, don’t stop. Add layers like vests and cardigans, and change your footwear, but wear what you want, whatever the weather.

Embrace the Season 

Instead of using fall as an excuse to hide away indoors, try to embrace it. Take in all of the beautiful colors and changes in nature. Enjoy walking on crispy leaves and making the most of the cooler days, making jogging more comfortable. Whatever the weather, movement is one of the best things for your body positivity. 

To practice body positivity all year round, you need to break the cycle of thinking you need to be beach body-ready in spring and that you can let it all go in fall. Instead, learn to love and be proud of your body’s phases.