30 Ways To Celebrate Earth Day

st Happy Earth Day! Previously, I celebrated by getting a group of my friends to help me take over an abandoned lot in Baltimore with some guerrilla gardening. It always feels so amazing to nurture the planet we live on. It surely is quite a location for our residence. I don’t know about you, but […]

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National Tree Day All Around The World

Started in Australia in the year 1996, National Tree Day is celebrated on the last Sunday of the month of July each year. It is the country’s biggest tree-planting affair; various communities are witnessed coming together and making efforts to bring about a positive difference in our ecosystem. We witness people planting trees during this […]

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Sunflower Field

Recently, my friend, Melissa, let me know that there are some sunflower fields in Bethesda, Maryland. I made plans to go as soon as possible, not just because I was enthusiastic about it, but because the peak of sunflowers blooming in this area is late July. Unfortunately, when April, Richard, and I got there, the […]

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