National Tree Day All Around The World | Uncustomary

Started in Australia in the year 1996, National Tree Day is celebrated on the last Sunday of the month of July each year. It is the country’s biggest tree-planting affair; various communities are witnessed coming together and making efforts to bring about a positive difference in our ecosystem.

We witness people planting trees during this event and celebrating the glory of Mother Earth. We also see people spending time amidst nature settings and uniting for the protection of the country’s natural reserves. The sole purpose of this “Big Day” is for keeping them healthy and making the world a better place to live for the future generations.

Celebration of the National Tree Day

National Tree Day All Around The World | Uncustomary

The whole world awareness on saving the green environment is flourishing.

Australians view the occasion as doing their bit for the community and being grateful for the wondrous offerings of nature.

Nowadays, schools also host tree-planting expeditions on the last Friday of the July month and is referred to as Schools Tree Day. This year the Schools Tree Day will be held on 28th July 2017 and National Tree Day falls on 30th July 2017. Liverpool City Council is also urging the Liverpool residents to join them in the endeavor of increasing the neighborhood’s green cover.

Toyota primarily sponsors the “National Tree Day.” The co-founders were Olivia Newton-John and Planet Ark back in the year 1996. Planet Ark is directing their efforts to bring people together for the purpose of planting 1 million plantations throughout the country.

Every year a huge percent of the population volunteer to partake in environment-friendly activities and spread awareness about the dangers of polluting the surroundings and the measures that should be taken for protecting the natural resources. The day is about spending time at the outdoors, getting familiar with the community, and having an enjoyable time.

India has also started celebrating Tree day from May 15, 2016, onwards as a mark of protest against the government’s decision to chop down trees surrounding KBR National Park.

In Canada, National Tree Day is observed on the Wednesday of National Forest Week for appreciating the several benefits that are provided by trees: this year, the National Tree Day in Canada falls on September 27, 2017.

Additionally, the United Nations General Assembly commemorates the International Day of Forests on 21st March each year for highlighting the role that trees play in nurturing humankind.

Did You Know?

National Tree Day All Around The World | Uncustomary

  • Since its inception in 1996, National Tree Day has contributed to planting 22.3 million trees by around 3.8 million persons.
  • It may also interest you to learn that a fully-grown tree can clean the air of polluting elements by a whopping 70 percent as compared to the new tree plantations.
  • A single tree bears the ability to absorb significant amounts of carbon that are emitted by automobiles.
  • Trees are counted amongst earth’s major natural reserves and have been the world’s longest surviving live organisms.

Things To-Do on National Tree Day

National Tree Day All Around The World | Uncustomary

  1. If you would like to show your love for Mother Earth, then you can take a pledge to plant a tree every year on this occasion for displaying your thankfulness for the wondrous lives with which we are bestowed.
  2. You can gather a group of friends or family members for planting trees at a selected location. It may also help to know that trees can also help in reducing the costs of air-conditioning if they are planted in close vicinity to buildings.
  3. You may also consider organizing a group for cleaning the water bodies, streets, and local parks. The day is not only about growing trees but about caring for nature.
  4. Using social media for raising awareness about environmental issues is also a positive step towards the protection of nature trappings.
  5. Pursue the practice of donating some amount of your salary towards the noble cause of planting trees; organizing events and completing the plantation process require funds.
  6. You could also increase your knowledge about the role that trees play in keeping the environment clean and pollution-free by watching documentaries and short films.
  7. Delivering a speech at a local library on how to use worm castings could help educating others about the ways in which they can contribute to making the world a better place to live in.
  8. Consider using a homemade carbon filter for removing the contaminants from the air or water. These devices contain bits of activated carbon that is effective to trap the contagions and maintain the cleanliness of the atmosphere.
  9. On the day, opting to ride a bike and not drive your car would be another way of expressing your concern for Mother Nature. Also, taking public transport and not your personal vehicle could help in saving fuel and reducing gas emissions. It may also be wise to go carpooling with friends or colleagues that are heading towards the same direction.
  10. Have you thought about starting a compost bin? All it takes is to collect and store food as well as organic items in a bin, stir the bin contents with a pitchfork every few days for couple months until the compost turns brown in color, which is when it is considered suitable for growing trees.
  11. Donating your old stuff to charity can also help in benefitting others. Garage sales are a good way of giving away items that are not useful anymore. Remember it is all about returning to society and a way of articulating your gratefulness.

The primary aim of National Tree day is about bringing communities’ closer and taking a pledge for working towards a single goal: beautifying our planet and conserving its resources. The main objective of safeguarding Earth is to benefit humanity and to make the world a beautiful haven for the generations to come.