UncustomaryAugust: An Instagram Challenge

I’ve participated in a few daily Instagram challenges, and I’ve loved them! I think they’re great for planning content, and making sure you’re posting something fun every day! I looked around for an upcoming one for August and I didn’t see any, so I decided to make my own! I don’t have have too many […]

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Recipe Card Challenge + Giveaway

It’s no secret that I’m terrible in the kitchen. I can’t cook, I can’t bake, I can barely use the microwave (and I’ve broken four in my lifetime). Recently, in the Pinterest class at BlogU, I was taught that all bloggers should have a “Food Board” on Pinterest, even if that’s not one of your blog […]

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30 Days Of Lists: 1-7

I’m excited to say that I’m actually participating in 30 Days Of Lists this year! I always forget to sign up, but this year my friend, Caylee, reminded me. I’m having a lot of fun doing it! Every day I receive an e-mail with a prompt and I answer it in a handmade journal that […]

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