Stuffed Animal Sleepover | Uncustomary

In 2014, I had this idea that it would be excessively cute if a bunch of stuffed animals got together to have a sleepover, so I put up a post asking for people to send me their stuffed animals for a party.

The furry friends came in from around the world, and on the night of the sleepover I buckled them all into my backseat and drove them to my friend April’s (fun) house. From there, I documented the party live on Instagram including group photos, poker games, cake, fireworks, karaoke, and a swim in the ball pit! Everyone could check on their stuffed animal by clicking over to my account. It was aggressively cute. The animals were then returned to their parents with party favors and pictures of them at the party.

[pextestim pex_attr_name=”Ally” pex_attr_img=”” pex_attr_parallax=”disabled”]”Señor Salchicha had SO much fun at his first sleepover! It’s so great to let the plush babies cut loose and get into some mischief, and I had a blast watching what they were getting into on Instagram throughout the evening. Mary is a great chaperone and made sure everyone had fun and got home okay afterwards, so I wouldn’t hesitate to send Señor Salchicha or one of his friends to a sleepover again!”[/pextestim]

This February, I will be hosting Round 2! Are you ready? It’s happening. I’m capping the stuffed animals at 25 and it’s first come first serve, so reserve your spot now!! Check out the official page to get all your questions answered and the link to sign up.

Basically, you send me your stuffed animal and I throw them a REAL and really AWESOME party. I document it, share it with you, and send your fuzzy friend back to you. This isn’t imaginary or metaphorical. It’s not staged. This is really happening. This is as real as life gets. See what’s included!


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