Months ago, I did Round One of the Snail Mail Game Show. I got a lot of participation and it was really fun, so I decided to do a second round. For this one I only got three submissions, so this might be it for a while. I’m also sad to say, that the game show it’s based off of, Bunk, has been canceled. ๐Ÿ™ I’m not canceling my snail mail version for good, though. Just a bit.
This round I sent out a picture of an interestingย individual I found on Google images. I then asked the contestants to create a classified ad for their person, as well as who they are seeking. For example: SM seeks SD might be Single Mom seeks Single Dad. But in this world, nothing needs to make sense. I will now share with you the submissions I received.
sexy married douche bag seeks short term relationship with hot brainless bimbo


sassy dominant dream adventure novelist seeking submissive nineties rap style young twenties mathlete for no strings attached tonight!!!


hungry Hungarian housewife seeking well-endowed confident but not overly cocky intellectual but playful type
– Suzie
Which one is your favorite?