I was really inspired by strange game show ideas after watching the show “Bunk”, on IFC. It’s fantastic and I highly recommend it. I decided to make a snail mail game show based on the activities they do on the show.
In August I mailed an envelope to nine people and asked them to “circle the jerk” from a selection of yearbook photos. They then had to tell me what that person’s name was and why they were a jerk.
Everyone’s responses were really funny and I’m glad I did this. I definitely plan on doing another round soon! I have awards in the mail out to: Janice, for the funniest submission… Miki, for the most interesting… and Paula, for the most creative.Here are some of the people who were deemed “jerks”.

and here are some of the reasons!

I like how into it everyone got. Thank you guys so much for playing! I look forward to round two!