Snail Mail Game Show | Uncustomary

The Snail Mail Game Show is still going strong! For Round 8, the participants received a piece of paper with the outline of a suitcase and the prompt, “I come in your bedroom and yell, ‘WE’RE LEAVING! WE HAVE TO GO! PACK YOUR SUITCASE NOW!’ You have no idea where we’re going or how long we’ll be gone for and you only have 15 minutes to get ready.” Here’s what people came up with!

Snail Mail Game Show Round 8 | Uncustomary
Artist: Caitlin H.

I really like the priorities here. What do I need? CAT! Cat and cat’s things. I love my cat, too.

Snail Mail Game Show Round 8 | Uncustomary
Artist: Ophelia Serpentine

What to pack? How about the whole effin’ universe?! Look at those colors!

Snail Mail Game Show Round 8 | Uncustomary
Artist: Sarah Pezzat

Hahah, I love all the underwear. Screw socks, pack underwear. (The best part is the tangible packing of optimism.)

Snail Mail Game Show Round 8 | Uncustomary
Artist: JJAllTheWay

Jennifer went the more three-dimensional route and made a tiny tangible suitcase! The contents include a teeny tiny pencil, stamps, stationery, and envelopes. Pack mail, send mail forever.

And the winner is… Ophelia! The scan of the image really doesn’t do her piece justice. The suitcase is full of the most gorgeous universal star stuff I’ve ever seen. Ophelia will receive a gift from me in the mail.

There are already people signed up for Round 9! You want in? Get a chance to express yourself creatively and possibly win a prize! Check out the official Snail Mail Game Show page where you can learn about the rules and sign up! And yes, you can sign up for multiple rounds at once, if you feel like paying for a few months all at once! Whatever works for you.

Snail Mail Game Show Round 6 | Uncustomary Art

Sign up goes from now till May 1st at 6 pm EST. If you sign up after that, your name will be added to the list for Round 10. Challenges will be mailed out May 3rd, and submissions will need to reach me by June 3rd.

Questions for the comments:
1) Which piece from Round 8 is your favorite?
2) What would you pack in your suitcase in a rush?