Snail Mail Game Show | Uncustomary

So glad the Snail Mail Game Show is BACK after a way too long hiatus, and I’m thrilled to able to share the results! For Round 16, the participants received a piece of paper with the outline of a general oval symbolizing a “place” and a blank welcome sign with the prompt, “Close your eyes. You’re in your happy place. Open your eyes. Your happy place is on this page! Show me what your happy place looks like, and if your like, use the welcome sign to label what it is/who is welcome.”

As always, the prompted paper is just a guideline, and participants are welcomed and encouraged to color outside the lines, and this round sure has a lot of that! I’m so proud!

Snail Mail Game Show Round 16 | Uncustomary

Artist: April

I don’t know that I can argue with a happy place being full of furry cuddly cats!

Snail Mail Game Show Round 16 | Uncustomary

Artist: Liz

Elizabeth imagined what it would be like to have their own designated studio space which would include many of the things labeled in the picture you see! I’m all for large windows, plants, reading chairs, and a big ol’ workbench! Sounds so lovely!

Snail Mail Game Show Round 16 | Uncustomary

Artist: Olivia

These photos are from a trip Olivia took recently when she realized she is the most happy around nature or plants!

Snail Mail Game Show Round 16 | Uncustomary

Artist: Tona

“All chakras in alignment… blossoming, creatively. I am one with the universal life force.”
Title: LotusFlowerFloating

Snail Mail Game Show Round 16 | Uncustomary

Artist: IdaMarie

“LOTSA MAIL!” — I think that sounds like a lot of our happy places, haha!

Snail Mail Game Show Round 16 | Uncustomary

Artist: Sandy

Sandy’s intention was to make clouds out of yarn and knitted things showering snow and winter awesomeness on her and all of the “good doggos” she should find! What a warm welcome to the next season!

And the winner of Round 15 is Tona! I will be sending them a prize via snail mail.

There are already people signed up for Round 17! You want in? Get a chance to express yourself creatively, share your art publicly, and possibly win a prize! Check out the official Snail Mail Game Show page where you can learn about the rules and sign up! And yes, you can sign up for multiple rounds at once, if you feel like paying for a few months all at once! Whatever works for you.

Snail Mail Game Show Round 6 | Uncustomary Art

Sign up goes from now till November 14th at 6 pm EST. If you sign up after that, your name will be added to the list for Round 18. Challenges will be mailed out around November 20th, and submissions will need to reach me by December 31st.

Questions for the comments:
1) Which piece from Round 16 is your favorite?
2) What is your happy place?