Snail Mail Game Show | Uncustomary

So glad the Snail Mail Game Show is creative as ever and ready to share the results! For Round 15, the participants received a piece of paper with the outline of a whale’s blow hole spout and the prompt, “We tell the story of Jonah who supposedly survived inside the belly of a whale for three days. What other magical lands could be inside a whale that we don’t know about? Share what you think we’re missing inside this close-up of a blowhole’s spout!”

Snail Mail Game Show Round 15 | Uncustomary

Artist: IdaMarie

“A Blow Spout Of Live Adventures” – Look at all this loveliness that goes unnoticed in the belly of a whale, and likely in so many other aspects of our lives! What a beautiful reminder to keep our eyes peeled for the good in life.

Snail Mail Game Show Round 15 | Uncustomary

Snail Mail Game Show Round 15 | Uncustomary

Snail Mail Game Show Round 15 | Uncustomary

Artist: Elizabeth

Coloring out the lines, Elizabeth drew an entire bright blue whale with interactive parts! See the slides? She says, “Inside this whale is all of nature,
calling us all in to come play in the vast green-ness of the world. Explore!”

Snail Mail Game Show Round 15 | Uncustomary

Artist: Millie

“Epic Blowhole Battle!” Who knew so many superheros and villains were hiding out inside whales? I had no idea. We need to explore more, you guys. How else are we going to find Carmen San Diego? And Batman?!

Snail Mail Game Show Round 15 | Uncustomary

Artist: Whitney

“Welcome To Comfy Land!!! Food, Fashion, Fun: Something For Everyone; All Are Welcome” Wow! There’s a whole mini festival/city going on inside this glittery whale! I love the good vibes surrounding everything, and the ongoing open invitation.

And the winner of Round 15 is … a tie! Between Whitney and Elizabeth! I will be sending them a prize via snail mail.

There are already people signed up for Round 16! You want in? Get a chance to express yourself creatively, share your art publicly, and possibly win a prize! Check out the official Snail Mail Game Show page where you can learn about the rules and sign up! And yes, you can sign up for multiple rounds at once, if you feel like paying for a few months all at once! Whatever works for you.

Snail Mail Game Show Round 6 | Uncustomary Art

Sign up goes from now till November 17th at 6 pm EST. If you sign up after that, your name will be added to the list for Round 17. Challenges will be mailed out around November 20th, and submissions will need to reach me by December 31st.

Questions for the comments:
1) Which piece from Round 15 is your favorite?
2) What do you think is secretly going on inside of a whale’s belly?