Snail Mail Game Show | Uncustomary

The Snail Mail Game Show is better than ever! For Round 10, the participants received a piece of paper with the outline of a person and the prompt, “If you could create a brand new planet in our solar system, what would it look like?”

Snail Mail Game Show Round 10 | Uncustomary
Artist: Eileen

This planet can’t even be contained in a sphere! The inspiration spills out onto the page, into space like the most cosmic vision board ever.

Snail Mail Game Show Round 10 | Uncustomary
Artist: Amelia

This planet is named Seelie. It has trees, plants, animals, and water. However, there are no humans but rather human-like creatures (similar to those in old folktalkes — faeries, gnomes, elves, etc). It’s just a little larger than a pea and located next to Earth. It has its own set of two very tiny moons, and is covered in a dense, reddish gas which colors the whole planet shades of pinka nd red.

Snail Mail Game Show Round 10 | Uncustomary
Artist: Amanda

This place is called Vegan Planet and it’s full of the healthiest foods and happiest animals!

Snail Mail Game Show Round 10 | Uncustomary
Artist: Dawn

This is definitely the best planet in terms of texture. Felt, twine, sparkle, and even clouds!

Snail Mail Game Show Round 10 | Uncustomary
Artist: Tranifer Lovely

By far the most colorful planet of all, appearing like a beacon of rainbow in a dimly lit sky.

Snail Mail Game Show Round 10 | Uncustomary
Artist: Sahar

This planet is called Cat Eye and definitely resembles my cat, Bug’s, eyes when he’s squacking at birds in the front yard. I imagine this planet is just roaming with cuddly felines.

Snail Mail Game Show Round 10 | Uncustomary
Artist: Jessica

This is Jessica’s dream planet, AKA Washi World! I think most of us wouldn’t mind living here. (I wonder if you could peel the ground up with the same ease as patterned paper tape comes off envelopes?)

Snail Mail Game Show Round 10 | Uncustomary
Artist: Tona

“This planet is really a world within a world. Rings of water and playing mermaids protect it. A lush tropical, magical place where cats are in charge and their main purpose is to PURR; because when they do, ideas are born, inspiring and loving. It’s so powerful that it is considered top secret, thus enchanted. These purrfect ideas are the ones that create beauty and harmony in the universe. They are vital to all living things. This secret planet allows one to flow, like zebras dancing in the clouds…CADEA … the planet that makes dreams come true.”

Snail Mail Game Show Round 10 | Uncustomary
Artist: Allison Anne

The scanner didn’t do the metallic bits justice, but this planet is definitely a whimsical place I’d want to visit! It feels very woodsy and earthy (no pun intended). I’m thinking this is what the inhabitants of Allison Anne’s planet look like, and I would love to have a glowing golden orb around my skull!

And the winner of Round 10 is… Eileen! I will be sending her a prize via snail mail.

There are already people signed up for Round 11! You want in? Get a chance to express yourself creatively and possibly win a prize! Check out the official Snail Mail Game Show page where you can learn about the rules and sign up! And yes, you can sign up for multiple rounds at once, if you feel like paying for a few months all at once! Whatever works for you.

Snail Mail Game Show Round 6 | Uncustomary Art

Sign up goes from now till September 7th at 6 pm EST. If you sign up after that, your name will be added to the list for Round 12. Challenges will be mailed out September 9th, and submissions will need to reach me by October 17th.

Questions for the comments:
1) Which piece from Round 10 is your favorite?
2) What would your perfect planet be like?