Choosing a good name for your business can be a lot harder than you would initially think. It is going to have a tremendous impact and it can be hard to find that name that feels just right. Here you will find some tips on how to choose a name that expresses your values. 

A good name needs to have a lot of qualities. It’s not only about expressing your values, but also about the name being memorable. The perfect name for your business needs to be easy to remember, easy to spell, and pronounce. This is the best way to secure good worth-of-mouth communication and successful Google searches. Think about these things when choosing your name. 

Nonetheless, a good name also expresses your values and has good associations with them. Obviously, you need to know what your values are before you can choose a name to express these. Therefore, you should look inwards and ask yourself which change your company wants to make in the world. Read more about how to figure out what your values are.

Show Your Personal Values With Your Name | Uncustomary

Express your values in a creative and catchy way

It’s always a good idea to do creative and free-thinking brainstorming to get a lot of ideas on the table. Perhaps you will get some ideas and suggestions you never thought of before. Write down all of your values on a prioritized list. Do you want to express diversity, creative or sustainable awareness for example? When you know these values, you can type these and get help to find the perfect business name on

It’s a good idea to think about whether the name is catchy or not. It can actually make a huge difference. It’s a really good thing if you can add some humor or quirkiness to the name. This will make it easier to remember. If you’re lucky your customers will tell all their friends about your company and the likelihood of this is much bigger if your name is easy to understand and catchy. 

Remember to start up good

Your values are super important for the success of your company. That’s why you need to remember them when things get tough. It can be quite a challenge to start one’s own company, so you should be aware of the good health of yourself and your employees. Stress is especially risky, so if you need it, here are some good tips to reduce stress.