The perfect spring nursery is something that can elevate the entire experience of being a parent. A cozy and safe space is all we want for babies as they learn and grow with each passing day. But how do you come up with a space that is both safe and stylish? A common question. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. From settling on some spring decor to getting the room temperature right, here are some valuable suggestions for the new spring season.

Take Special Care with Bedding

Bedding is vital for adults and babies. But more so with babies. You see, there are many things that can go wrong when a baby sleeps. And sadly, they do. No one is trying to upset you, but babies can pass away in their sleep, known as Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). The actual reasons are unknown, but experts recommend using products like the Newton breathable crib mattress to avoid some of the complications that can happen when your baby is sleeping.

Grab Some Spring Themed Decor

Nothing makes a room come alive like some lovely decor. And spring just so happens to lend itself to baby stuff really well. All the woodland creatures you can imagine and the soft hues of the season make excellent additions to the baby room theme. Here are are some suggestions:

  • Bright animals and flowers are great for spring-themed bedding ideas.
  • Add a touch of nature with leaves and animals around the room.
  • Rustic aspects such as wood can accentuate a spring theme.
  • Try adding some greenery with realistic artificial plants.

A calming and relaxing space will help the baby get a restful night’s sleep. However, the space also needs to be accommodating to you too! After all, you will spend almost as much time there as the baby! Late-night feedings, changing, and playtime all happen in the baby room.

Regulate Temperature for a Perfect Spring Nursery

One of the known causes of SIDS is poor temperature control. Babies cannot keep their own temperature because their little systems have not developed enough. So we have to do it for them. It is recommended that the baby’s room is kept between 68°C and 72°C. Above or below these temperatures can have a bad effect on the baby. For example, babies can find it hard to react to sounds and touch when they are too hot, and they cannot wake up from their sleep.

Prepare Your Bedroom 

Creating a nursery for the baby is a joyful experience for almost any parent. You have great peace of mind knowing that your baby has somewhere beautiful and safe to sleep. But you will also have to accommodate the baby in the room where you sleep. Of course, you will ask why I spend all that time and money on a nursery? It’s not a waste. However, there will be nights when the baby will need to sleep with you, so try to make a safe space near your bed.

Buy Different Baby Clothes for the Night

As mentioned, we need to help out our little pudding people when it comes to temperature. At night, it can be a bit of a challenge. It is also harder in spring because of how much the temperature and weather changes. One night, it’s freezing, and the next, it’s super hot! So, we need to check what our babies are wearing. Midwives recommend sleepsuits and sleeping bags. However, it is advised that you choose one or the other and never at the same time.

Make Use of Cozy Spaces

Our homes are filled with little cozy spaces like nooks and crannies. These make lovely spaces for babies when space is limited. Most cribs will fit snugly right into one of those bedroom nooks, alcoves, or bay windows. These also help create a focal point for the baby. The focal point is crucial because you can then add the baby’s essentials in the immediate area. This makes it much easier to care for the baby while maintaining a sense of calm and coziness.

Use the Space for a Perfect Spring Nursery

You’ve probably had the perfect vision of what your nursery should be in your head. You’ve probably even spent more time looking for ideas on Pinterest than you should! But it often doesn’t turn out how we want, does it? So, here are some ideas for a cozy nursing space:

  • Clear the room and declutter where you can to make the most of the space.
  • Choose a cozy corner to place the crib and the baby’s main decorative items.
  • How about a stylish yet functional partition where the baby will sleep?
  • Set up a modular or smart storage system to use space more efficiently.
  • Hang up a net canopy over the bed to make use of the space for pest protection.
  • Make the room feel bigger with a feature wall as a backdrop in the sleeping area.
  • Put down an area rug to tie the room together and enhance the feeling of coziness.

How the room looks and feels is directly related to how well it is designed. You and the baby need a feeling of freshness and space to feel well in the room. It always helps to remove anything that isn’t needed. And be careful about what you put back in when decorating.

Don’t Underestimate Storage Baskets

Of course, most of us don’t have too much space! So, we need to get creative with our storage. All good nurseries should have multiple storage baskets for sorting out all the stuff we need. This includes baby food products, changing items, and even toy storage. Many baby stores sell excellent storage baskets designed for just these things. You can also find storage baskets to match the overall theme of the room, from woven baskets to plastic storage boxes.

Opt for Calming Wall Colors

Colors play a massive role in our lives. They also have an impact on our senses and psychology. For example, neutral tones and pastel colors can help create a sense of calm and tranquility. This is vital for helping you and the baby make the most of the nursery. If the colors are too bold, you may not feel restful in the room, and it can be a sensory overload for a baby. Pops of color are fine, but they must be balanced with a toned-down overall theme.

Beware Pillows and Duvets

Bedding is mentioned above, but mostly in relation to the mattress. Of course, there is much more to bedding than what the baby sleeps on top of. Crib safety is critical for newborns and very young babies. You might want to keep your baby warm and tuck them in with some blankets and pillows. But this isn’t a good idea. Pillows and duvets are a suffocation risk for babies. Additionally, they will make the baby too hot, which can be a cause of SIDS.

The Perfect Spring Nursery Arrangement

So, you’ve done all the decorating, and the room looks fantastic! But what about putting everything back in? It can be a nightmare trying to arrange the baby’s room to be perfect. For example, you need to think about safety first. You don’t want the baby falling from a window! In the UK alone, over 4,000 children per year are admitted to hospital because of a window fall! Keep the crib area clear, keep it away from an openable window, and never hang anything!

Look for the Signs of Being Too Hot or Cold

As we know, temperature control is vital for babies. You can work your hardest, but things can still go wrong. So, how do you spot if a baby is too hot or too cold? There are a couple of ways to spot these with each one. When checking in on your baby, check for the following signs:

When a baby is too hot

  • Check to see if the baby is flushed or sweating more than usual.
  • Watch closely for rapid breathing as they are sleeping.

When a baby is too cold

  • The baby may become lethargic, unresponsive, and blue.
  • Frostbite appears as small blisters and patches on the skin.

Whether inside or out, always think about how you can protect the baby from the weather and temperature. Making them comfortable helps maintain the temperature they need. Use layers when taking them outside, and organize clothes for different weather and temperatures.

Don’t Forget About the Quality of Sleep

Just like adults, babies rely on the quality of the sleep they get for mood and general well-being. Think how you would want your room to be for a good night’s sleep. Yes, babies prefer the same things! Try to make the room as dark as possible and use nightlights for when you need to see. This will protect their little sensitive eyes. Also, make sure the room is perfectly peaceful and quiet so as not to wake them. And of course, use a thermometer to regulate temperature.


Using the correct type of baby bedding for safety is a priority when creating the perfect spring nursery for your little one. Making an inviting and cozy space makes it easier for the baby and the parents! Think about the quality of sleep that the baby will get from being in the room.