I wanted to take a second to thank everyone who has supported my Monthly Marvels subscription service thus far. At this point I have sent out three rounds of packages, and I’ve had fun with each one. Today, I’m going to showcase September’s package, which was different than the other two. If you’d like to read more about the service in general, or read some testimonials, check this out.

Every month is themed, but instead of September’s package being a box of related goodies, the theme was Celebrating. I prepared thirty days worth of ideas, based on unusual holidays (which you know I’m all about celebrating)! Some days didn’t have a physical item, but every day the participants received an e-mail from me in their inbox. I explained my take on the holiday, gave suggestions on how to celebrate, provided a picture, possibly a quote, and links to related material.

The first day we celebrated together was Talk Like A Pirate Day. Michelle did a great job with her pirate jargon, and I got pictures from participants wearing their eye patch!

(Candace, Nadine, Michelle, & Janice)

The participants were free to open up the goodies all at once, but some preferred to turn it into a ritual (which I loved)! Every day, they would take out their list of holidays and see if there’s an envelope or baggy to open up. One of the things that everyone opened up right away was the intro letter, which came with a sticker reading “Celebrate Today!” I made myself one as well, and stuck it to my laptop, where it remains. It’s a really great reminder.

Here’s a shot of everything all laid out upon receipt. Everything is labeled, and I hope that made it easy for everyone to follow!

My favorite thing about this month was actually seeing pictures of these lovely ladies celebrating. Look at this great message Michelle wrote for the Day Of Play!

The package ran from September 19th-October 18th. During this time, I had my trip to Utah, where I got to hang out with Janice and Candace (two Monthly Marvels participants)! For our Day Of Play, we yarnbombed a lamp post and played with sidewalk chalk as well! Check it out!

I was really happy with the feedback I got from these packages, and now almost all of October’s packages have arrived! It’s such an exciting thing for me.

I hope you’ll consider signing yourself up for Monthly Marvels. Feel free to ask me any questions, and don’t forget that it can also be given as a gift! I’ll send to anyone anywhere in the world! Making mailboxes happy is officially my job.