I really love collaborating on art projects, so when a joint yarnbomb with Candace was proposed, I was all in! We each knitted some long strips in various Halloween colors, and when I met up with her and Utah, we sewed them together! The plan was to wrap up her lamp post to look like a candy stick, and I think it turned out pretty great.

First, there was the wrapping.

Then, there was sewing and pup reinforcement.

It was also the Day Of Play, so Candace used her Monthly Marvels chalk to draw attention to our art!

I feel like it’s possible that you think a yarnbomb installation is boring. Not so! I will now provide you with intense action shots. Talk about behind-the-scenes action. You don’t get to see this very often!

Thanks to Janice for photographing the event! ย Us ladies are pretty pro-Halloween, and I hope that this yarnbomb helps the neighborhood get into the spirit!

Mother, biological daughter, and adopted daughter.

Miss you guys already!ย Read more about my trip to Utah.