Self Love: The Key To Happiness Pre-Launch | Uncustomary

Hey gorgeous,

Yesterday I shared some intimate details of my past with you to explain a bit more about my journey with mental illness and self love.

Today I am pre-launching my very first e-course called Self Love: The Key To Happiness. It’s a detailed online class I’ve poured my heart into that I believe can truly help you on your path to finding self love and happiness with your life.

You can find all the details and answers to your questions on the sales page. The course will be officially launched on January 15th, so if you buy it today you won’t actually get immediate access, but you will get a discount! The course is $30 cheaper right now than it will be come official launch day, so get yourself an early Christmas present now! Or you know, just because you deserve it.

I hope you’ll check it out, even if you aren’t able to buy it right now. If you know someone who might benefit from this, you can share the link with them (or even get it for them as a gift)! Thank you, I love you.

Self Love: The Key To Happiness Pre-Launch | Uncustomary