Self-Love Prompts is a series I started after creating a list of 50 self-love writing prompts. People like you select a prompt that speaks to them, work on it, and send me their response so I can share it with you guys!

We’re continuing on this series with Kelsey. I’m excited to have her contributing to this series by answering the prompt, “Write A Letter To Your Mental Illness And Let It Know Why It Doesn’t Define You”. She lets her mental illnesses know why she’s way more than them, and I think that’s an important thing for anyone with a mental or physical illness to do.

Write A Letter To Your Mental Illness And Let It Know Why It Doesn’t Define You

Write A Letter To Your Mental Illness And Let It Know Why It Doesn't Define You | Uncustomary

Dear Depression, Anxiety, Panic,

We have been sharing the same headspace for so many years that it is almost impossible to pinpoint when we even met. All three of you have engrained yourselves into my daily life after spending the last ten years forcing your way into the spotlight. You have whispered words of unworthiness in my ears, forced me to cling to those who had hurt me, and left me unable to function as a human without medication. For the past year, I have depended on that medication; I have felt so alone and scared both with and without you, afraid of you deeply yet so much more afraid to lose you and return to the unknown world of normalcy. I have been afraid of myself even more than I’ve been afraid of your involvement in my life.

No more.

I am a writer, a novelist, an alchemist of words; I am not depression. You may force too many days upon me which are spent lying in bed and begging for release from this pit of hell known as life, but when I rise against you, I have days of clarity, days of smiles and of friendships. I am not just depression; I am also joy, and laughter, and love.

I am a caring person, and though you may influence me, you do not define me.

I am intelligent and capable, a strong woman who can manage anything; I am not anxiety. You force upon me thoughts of uselessness, words that convince me I am not good enough, will never be enough – never smart enough, never social enough, never happy enough – but your words are empty, and when forced away, I can be enough for me. I am kind, I am brilliant, I am creative, I am unique and I am amazing, and everyone will see that. I am not just anxiety; I am me, and I am confident in who I am.

I am a good person who is worthy of love and support, and though you may cloud my vision, you do not define me.

I am calm, collected and capable; I am not a panic attack. You force me into fight or flight, you cloud my mind and take control of my physical being, and you leave me broken and heaving and pathetic time after time, but I can stand up to you; the very people you make me so afraid of have stood beside me and coached me through your twisted influence, and I am learning to turn the tables and instead control you. I am capable of working through my problems and standing up to the judgement I face. I am not just panic; I am cool and reliable.

I am a respected individual who has the right to say no, and though you try to make me submit, you do not define me.

I am so much more than my mental illness.


[pextestim pex_attr_name=”Kelsey Behm” pex_attr_img=”” pex_attr_org=”Instagram” pex_attr_link=”” pex_attr_parallax=”disabled”]Kelsey Behm is a full-time Canadian writer who will be releasing her first novel, The Otherland Circus, in the spring/summer of 2017. Writing is her passion, but she is also an avid fan of Japanese culture and fashion, and can often be found watching anime with her two cats, Sir Charlie Mouse and Queen Katie Cat. Her bitter-sweet personality ensures she loves both sparkles and skulls alike, and she is sure to tell everyone she meets how much they are loved.[/pextestim]

What’s would you say in a letter to your mental illness?

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