Self-Love Prompts is a series I started after creating a list of 50 self-love writing prompts. People like you select a prompt that speaks to them, work on it, and send me their response so I can share it with you guys!

We’re continuing on this series with Reit. I’m excited to have her contributing to this series by answering the prompt, “If I Could Give My Teenage Self Some Advice, I Would Tell Her…”

Self Love Prompts: If I Could Give My Teenage Self Some Advice | Uncustomary

If I Could Give My Teenage-Self Some Advice, I Would Tell Her…

“Dear teenage self,

You are different. All the years it was an undeniable truth you couldn’t ignore. You noticed that you are different than you friends, different than your whole surrounding. You’re still trying to hide everything that makes you unique. You feel ashamed. You’re scared to show everything from yourself. You are trying to be like the others. To act like them, to be like they want you to be.

But that’s my advice for you, little darling: stop it. Be bold, be you. Be brave.

You’ll always be unique. It will never stop.

And I tell you something else: it’s a gift. You feel ashamed of something that makes you beautiful.

You’ll always be “the crazy one” for others, but you know what? They would like to be as free as you are; free to be themselves, if they weren’t too scared.

You’ll jump and you will grow wings on the way down. But you’ll only realize this when you are brave enough to be yourself.

Celebrate your strangeness, run free. Don’t hold back any of it, never apologize for your passion and your enthusiasm. You are not a flame, you are the fire. You will inflame others.

And if you feel alone in your strangeness, remember: you are terrifying, strange and beautiful, but it is a gift. You little rebel.”

Self Love Prompts: If I Could Give My Teenage Self Some Advice | Uncustomary

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What advice would you give your teenage self? Share in the comments below!

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