I know holidays are stressful. We can get washed up in worries about our families, our bodies, our finances, the world. Where does it all go from here? AH! I’m no stranger from existential crises, and wondering where it’s all going, but I do know one thing… loving myself has been the best investment I’ve ever madeEvery book I’ve ever read that’s helped me gain insight into where I want to go, every life coaching or therapy session I’ve paid for that’s allowed me to recognize what my purpose is, every membership group I’ve scraped together money for because I found comfort in the community for support in knowing that I wasn’t alone, having someone to bounce my ideas off of, and inspiration for where to go from here… it’s all been worth every penny. I can’t say that about every taquito I’ve bought at 7-11 or every tank top I’ve purchased online that I thought was an amazing bargain.

Investing in myself gave me skills and resources to fall back on. And even when I’ve had a year like the one I’ve had, I don’t stay down. I get back up. I keep going, and I can continue to teach, because I continued to invest in myself and know that I’m worth every fucking dollar bill of it.

It’s easy to spend money on things that appear in our homes. Things that are tangible, that we can touch and taste and hear. Or things that we think will make US more money. Buy this and I will teach you how to make MORE money than you spent going in! That return on investment! We want to think of everything in that way, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being wealthy because it gives us freedom to live the life we want! But if you have purchased all the things you want and you still feel lonely because you don’t love your body and can’t stand your own company, what was the point?

I‘m calling on you to invest in yourself. To understand that self-love isn’t a fad, it’s a revolution. It’s an uprising. And if you want to be ahead of the game and not just tell your grand kids you were there when it started, but SHOW THEM how to love themselves from day zero, I have tools that can help.

Self-Love Is A Revolution - Invest In Yourself (Free Gift) | Uncustomary

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“This amazing lady is the real deal. She is absolutely hilarious and smart. She shines the light on so many issues that are impacting all of us on a deep, deep level, yet she does it with humor and LOTS of color (and glitter)She is a self-love master and knows what it’s like to pull yourself out of the “lowest of the low” by truly honoring the way you FEEL, indulging in self-care (because it’s a necessity, let’s face it), and finding fun and humor in everyday life. I’ve been “following” her now for a few years, and I can honestly say that every single thing she creates has the power to transform my perspective. I just love her!” – Toni

“I first stumbled across Uncustomary by using her free e-courses & subscribing to her emails. As a helping professional, I was looking for some guidance to do my own work on self-care and self-love. But, so many online resources are superficial, repetitive, and uninspiring, except Uncustomary. Uncustomary provides so much more than the mainstream “Eat some chocolate and take a bubble bath” self-care advice. Once I became an Uncustomary babe, I was shocked how much more content was available in addition to the perks of joining the Uncustomary babes Facebook page. There’s so much more to Uncustomary than I can squeeze in a review. Surprises in the mail, support, smart & informed self-love exercises, games and fun opportunities to interact with the group, so much color & glitter, and tons of other perks on the website. Mary is spot on with the content she provides. Best money I spend each month!” – Jenn

I hope you will invest in yourself today, and every day thereafter. It starts now. If not now, when? Make it today. Let’s go! Sending you so much love. (And don’t forget your free December Planner Gift!)

Love + glitter,


Graphic designed by: Joe Dissolvo