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Hey beautiful! I know your inbox is growing and growing with people offering you exclusive one-time offers and you don’t know where to spend your money or if you even want to spend it at all. So while I do have some sales for you if you’re into that, I also wanted to change the narrative of what Black Friday needs to be and give you something for FREE!

I’m going to be releasing a planner for 2020, and true to Uncustomary form, it’s not customary. It’s encouraging you to notice the little things, to practice gratitude, to celebrate unusual holidays! There’s affirmations, room for you to journal, and weekly self-love challenges. Yes, it’s a place where you can plan out your week, but it’s also something that will turn into a celebratory scrapbook. You can look back on it in a year and see all the beauty you got to experience, all the positive, all the joy your life is actually full of! What a beautiful thing!

I’m so excited to share a teaser of what this planner is going to look like with you for the month of December 2019 in PDF form. You can download it, print it out, and get a feel for the format of how it’s going to feel. I mean, I’m holding out a little, it’s going to be even better than this in it’s fully realized version thanks to my partner and designer, Joe! But I wanted to GIFT this to you and also get your feedback about how you like it, and if there’s anything else you’d like to see for all of 2020!

The prompts are all going to be different every week and month. And there will be space for you to always make it your own. You ready?

Download Free December Planner

Okay, and yes I also have sales happening! They are all going from now until midnight EST on Monday December 2nd. So what’s on sale? + Everything in my Etsy store is 40% off (minimum purchase $8) – Glitter pills, themed kits, ephemera, goody bags, jewelry, postcards, pencils, stickers, balloons! (Coupon: BLACKFRIDAY2019) + All of my e-courses are 30% offSelf-Love: The Key To Happiness, Relieve Anxiety, Body Positivity 101, Happy Habits, and you can even get the pre-sale price deeper discounted for an upcoming course 30 Days Of Self-Love Challenge (coming out December 30th, 2019!) (Coupon: BLACKFRIDAY2019) PS – Do not enroll in Uncustomary Babes Basic/Awesome if you are not a member! + My Pep Talk E-Book is only $2.50 – That’s just 8 cents a pep talk! + My Self-Love Workbook is only $16! – There’s less than 5 available! + My Premium Package is slashed in HALF! – There’s only 2 available! You get access to ALL my e-courses, a 1:1 coaching session with me, a signed copy of my book, a fun package mailed to your door, and more!

I hope you enjoy the free planner! And remember shopping small always creates a real smile on an entrepreneur’s face even though Target is a fun place to be. 🙂 I cannot tell you how much I appreciate you, your love, your ongoing support, and your dedication to self-love. You are a beautiful shining star, that I am so happy to have in my life. I hope these sparkly gifts and discounts allow you to keep shining even brighter. <3

Planner designed by: Joe Dissolvo Photo: Maura Housley