Buying a suitcase might seem like rocket science. There are so many brands to choose from. So many material and design options. And so many sciencey buzzwords used in ads you’d think you were buying a rocketship.

But choosing a suitcase doesn’t have to be complicated. You just have to know what to look for and what to avoid.

The internet makes it easy for us to learn new things. In just an hour, you can visit to learn about online roulette, watch a YouTube video to learn sewing basics, or visit the official website of the FTC to learn about what you can do to protect yourself from credit card fraud.

So learning how to choose a suitcase shouldn’t take you more than few minutes.

In this article we will tell you about the top 5 things you should look out for when choosing a perfect suitcase that will serve you well for years to come.

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The smallest suitcase (9 to 18 inches) is fine as carry-on luggage for your business trip. So there’s no need to waste time waiting for your baggage.

If you’re specifically looking for something that complies with most airline restrictions, a 55x40x20cm size cabin bag is usually ideal, allowing you to pack efficiently while ensuring a hassle-free journey through the airport. This size is perfect for those who prefer traveling light and need a compact, convenient option that fits in the overhead compartment easily.

Medium-sized suitcases (19 to 24 inches) will hold everything you need and even leave room for gifts for your family. Don’t forget to check that the suitcase fits within the permitted limits.

A large suitcase (25 to 28 inches) is your solution for family trips.

Choose large suitcases (from 29 inches) for a long voyage. Prepare in advance if you don’t want to forget anything.


Fabric suitcases are cheaper but let you take more because of external pockets. But the fabric gets dirty and wet quickly, and fragile items stay unprotected.

Plastic models are more convenient. They are made of lightweight materials, protect your clothes from moisture, and are easy to clean. The most durable suitcases are polycarbonate ones. They are more expensive but will last longer than the alternatives.


Suitcases with four or eight wheels are the most comfortable because you can push them easily. Of course, the probability of losing one wheel in a two-wheeled suitcase is lower. But if this happens, it’s still better to stay with three wheels than with one.

But two-wheeled suitcases are convenient as carry-on luggage because they’re more spacious. 

The most durable wheels are rubber ones. They soften the vibration of the uneven road.

Other Essential Criteria

Pay attention to these criteria:

  • Handle. It should be sturdy and easy to pull out. And don’t forget to check if its length suits you.
  • Compartments. The more pockets your suitcase has, the easier you’ll organize the space inside it. 
  • Lock. Secure your suitcase with a modern code lock with the TSA system for more protection. 
  • Color. A colorful suitcase is easier to find on the baggage claim. So other travelers won’t take it away by mistake. If you have a plain black suitcase, buy a bright case and don’t lose it.

Examine the suitcase characteristics before buying it. Clarify the warranty period and don’t forget to read the reviews to make the right choice.


Now let’s talk about the purpose of your trip. After all, we’re looking for your perfect suitcase.

Choose a small suitcase for a business trip. You’ll put your laptop and suit there. Take the suitcase as carry-on luggage to save your time.

Do you like to go shopping or want to buy souvenirs for your family and friends? Get a medium-sized suitcase. Choose a model with many pockets and a zipper around the perimeter, which will increase the volume in case of unplanned purchases.

Are you going on a journey with your kids? Buy a large suitcase with four or eight wheels with more compartments for toys, medicines, diapers, and clothes for the entire family. 

Take two middle size suitcases instead of a large one to travel with your friend or spouse. So you both will take enough clothes without exceeding the limits.

Buy a small plastic suitcase as a carry-on and spend less on your ticket. It’s lightweight and sturdy. So you won’t have any trouble with it.