For many women, pregnancy can feel like a daunting time when one overriding thought takes over – is my baby okay? Naturally, concerns about baby’s health and making sure to always do the ‘right’ thing can soon see us discarding things like our favorite creative outlets in place of hours of unhelpful Googling and piles of baby books. But, have you ever considered that creativity during pregnancy could actually be the best thing for the baby and you?

In fact, with studies showing that estrogen levels which rise by as much as 300 times during pregnancy can help to harmonize and relax our minds, there’s a strong argument that the so-called ‘mommy brain’ puts us in the best possible headspace for creative good. As well as helping to take your mind off of all those worries, tapping into this creative function can help you to have a better pregnancy, birth, and beyond. Here, we consider just a few great creative pregnancy ideas that could help to make that happen. 

# 1 – The Fun Bump Shoot

Put Creativity Back Into Your Pregnancy | Uncustomary

While expectant mums might struggle to sit still for hours on end as they write/paint a masterpiece, photoshoots provide a great way to tap into your creativity even during the later stages of the third trimester. Whether you hire a professional photographer or get a friend to take some snaps, you’ll certainly have fun finding new poses and generally getting to know your bump better. You could even get someone to paint your bump for this purpose, creating a fun new way for you to connect with your future baby, and ensuring some fantastic finished images that are sure to appeal to your creative side. 

# 2 – The Proactive Birth Plan

Birth is perhaps the most creative process possible, both because you’re bringing a child into the world, and because it’s 100% unique to you. This is especially true as birth increasingly becomes a proactive process during which women make all of their own decisions. With this in mind, your birth plan provides yet another great way to get creative, especially if you seek an obstetrics professional who understands the birth you’re hoping for and supports your decisions. Taking time here could even see you ensuring things like calming music and dim lighting on the day, making your birth more magical, and turning the whole thing into your best creation yet. 

# 3 – Getting Down To Prep

Prep also provides a fantastic way to get creative while keeping your pregnancy at the forefront. Even getting your nursery ready can unleash your painting and organization skills, while activities like knitting and crochet can both help parents to stock that baby wardrobe and ensure a much-needed creative outlet. Either way, have fun with this, and let your mom brain take charge for a creative pregnancy that keeps you satisfied, active, and worry-free no matter how far along you are!

Pregnancy can be an amazing time for creativity, just make sure that you’re tapping into those benefits by considering great outlets like these.