We are living at a time when there’s so much uncertainty to grapple with due to this covid-19 pandemic. For parents, it’s likely that you have lost some control over what will happen next in your career, children’s education and business. There’s also the emotional stress of worrying about your family members and loved ones who may be ill and working in the frontline of the healthcare sector. 

Despite the pressure it puts on the family unit, it’s important to stay calm and be gentle with yourself. Are you wondering how to deal with uncertainty as a parent? Understanding how to turn away from uncertain situations is crucial to managing our response to them. Before we look at effective tips to help parents cope with uncertainty, check out the most common behaviors for uncertainty.

How do I know I have trouble coping with uncertainty?

Some of the most common behaviors for people struggling with tolerating uncertainty include:

  • Checking and double-checking news outlets and social media
  • Excessive reassurance seeking and constantly asking questions
  • Procrastinating tasks or situations that provoke uncertain outcome
  • Unhealthy coping mechanisms such as excessive drinking

Effective tips to help parents cope with uncertainty

The following are some valuable tips for parents who are feeling uneasy and anxious about the current uncertainties regarding the future.

Understand and accept

The unexpected twists and turns affect us differently, but it’s always important to be realistic about how much control you have. If you feel anxious about your child’s school’s “up in the air” status, know that many other parents are feeling the same way.

Our human nature forces us to resolve uncertainty in two ways, either by actively focusing on addressing it or turning away. You can practice saying things like, “I’m willing to experience this uncertainty even if I do not like it”.

Improve your financial security

One of the main causes of uncertainty in marriage is finances. With that in mind, couples can consider making good financial decisions together, including a financial checklist.

The truth is that if the matter isn’t resolved on time, it could lead to divorce and separation. Although you cannot escape financial issues, they will only worsen as life becomes complicated, which is why you should address them early on.

While it may seem irrelevant, getting a financial advisor can help you plan your finances effectively. Additionally, consider having an emergency fund and making regular contributions to achieve a set goal.

Maintain daily family routines

Take the first few weeks of quarantine when you’d sleep late, spend more time on the screen and have cookies for breakfast. Fast-forward, and now the kids are getting restless, and so are you.

Families could use a bit of routine to help them feel safe about the uncertainties. Stick to a schedule and routine, including going to bed at the same time every day. Having a routine as a family can give you the much-needed structure and control.

Have plenty of things to do at home

Busy children are less likely to get bored. To help with this, create a list of activities they can choose at any time, e.g., painting, writing, drawing, taking a walk outside and more.

They also need to have unscheduled time doing nothing but quiet time to integrate their feelings and experiences. Encourage your children to rest during the day and breathe deeply to turn off all the anxiety.

Take out a life insurance

The past two years have been filled with uncertainty, fear and anxiety about your loved ones. Many people are interested in learning how they can secure their financial future in these unpredictable times.

One thing you can do about this is get life insurance to protect the family and support your loved ones should anything happen to you. For example, a policy such as Family Income Protection provides your loved ones with a steady income each month for an agreed period should you pass away during the term of your plan.

Make progress on a hobby or skill

Staying at home can lead to the feeling of being stagnant. To deal with the uncertainty and progress in life, you could go back to an activity or hobby to help you feel progress. Some things to do include:

  • Exercise
  • Start gardening
  • Learn different cooking recipes
  • Practice yoga and mindfulness
  • Take online classes
  • Learn a new language

Practicing these or more can boost your ability to cope with uncertainty.


When uncertainty clouds our reality, knowing that we can overcome it and feeling a sense of purpose can ground us better than anything else. We hope the above tips will help you cope better with unpredictability and feel up to the task.